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Friday, August 27, 2010

A series of unfortunate events...one year later

*WARNING: reading one comment I received made me think to tell you girls that if you are going to do a swap in Italy and you live outside the European Union, don't put cosmetics, make-up, or eyeshadow or anything in there. Just go with "pigment samples" or the likes*

If you've followed my blog for over a year, or if you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I have quite often mentioned a swap me and Michelle from Lipstick Rules agreed on doing last August, and the series of unfortunate events that occurred to it all over the year.

When this package was sent the first time, it seemed like it had gone missing. However, after two months the Italian customs finally decided to let me know where my package was: the freakingly held it for two months because the customs declaration read "cosmetics". Apparently anything described as "cosmetics" or "makeup" is confiscated here, because they literally accuse you of importing goods. Also, the "gift"option is not contemplated. Does this make any sense to you? Had she written something else other than those two names, they would not have confiscated my package.
They asked for an invoice of proof of transaction in order to make medical checks (not to mention also have me pay for those) and send it to me. Of course I did not have them, so I decided to let them send the package back to Michelle, and try again. They sent the package back to her after another 2 months, and by then it was January already and Michelle was busy so it took her some time to send it again.

So I came up with a brilliant idea: divert the package to the UK, to Louise (from Lou Lou Land) , who was kind enough to be our messanger for this swap. Seeing how the same stuff, coming from European countries does not go through customs.
Do you think it is over? Of course not!!!
With the stupid volcanic ash story the package has gone missing for 4 whole months, and reappeared out of the blue, when we all thought it was either stolen or lost in the post!

You can't imagine who happy I was when it reached my home in a little over 1 week!

Louise was kind enough to include some treats as my graduation presents ;)

I can't thank her enough for her favor and her generousity! You're lovely!
Also, I would like to thank Michelle for the items she chose for me! I love them all!

On to what I got:

From Michelle

Urban Decay Get Baked Palette (contains a mini size of PP in Sin and a Liner in Bourbon), Vasanti Shimmer Powder in Electric Blue, Joe Fresh lipgloss in Candy, 3 Balmshell lipgloss mini samples, an Annabelle glitter liner (pictured on the palette)


3 eyeshadows, 1 lipstick, 1 lipgloss, 2 blushes, 1 black eyeliner, 1 purple glitter eyeliner from MUA - Make-Up Academy (available in Superdrug), 1 n°17 mirror shine lipstick in Beehive (love at first sight), a Rimmel nail varnish, Lilac Dream varnish from Models Own, Nail-ease (super curious to try them), a Barry M e/s trio, a Bourjois mini e/s duo, bag of tissues which is so cute and will be very handy during my vacation time, and a lovely graduation card and teddy bear!

And since I am an emotional wreck, I cried a little while reading both cards cos they were so sweet and thoughtful.

The teddy bear is now beside my bed and reminds me everyday that I met some great people from all over the world in this beauty community.
I really love blogging!

Thank you girls, :****************

Do you like what I got? Want me to review anything? What do you think of the incredible saga of the missing parcel? LOL


  1. Wow! Great swap! I'm glad you finally received the parcel...concerning the saga of the lost package...NO COMMENT! LOL xD

    And That little Urban Decay palette is so cute! *-*

  2. Aw I am just pleased it got sorted in the end x enjoy your goodies cxx

  3. they all look very nice! in the end, the waiting was worth it I guess.. :-)

  4. che storia!! certo che ne ha viste questo pacco...
    quando provi lo smalto models own facci sapere com'è, mi incuriosisce!

  5. Glad you got your swaps eventually i hate it when the post is a nightmare.
    I would love to see a review of the barry m trio x

  6. I am so so happy that you finally have something in your hands -- I am so so sorry that you had to go through all of this. I was just as frustrated!!! I am still determined to send you something else and have it go through!!!!!!!!!

    You are the best!

    And a huge thanks to Louise for all your help!


  7. Mi associo all'interesse per lo smalto models own, se ne sente parlare un sacco in giro ^^

  8. i read this off michelles page and left a comment there... this is deff a crazy story!! now following you! hope you can check out my blog and return the favour!

  9. Awww, great that you finally got the package, quite a long wait. Int' shipping is so tricky :)

  10. THank you all girls!
    It's an incredible story, isn't it?
    (containing quite a few typing mistakes; I think I was over-excited while typing it)

    I will definitely do a review of the Models Own nail varnish and the Barry M trio when I'm back from Dublin, ok??


    PS: thank you to my new followers! Checking out your blogs now!

  11. This is so sweet! Love all the products, the Canadian ones gave me some good ideas for my next swap. I am sending my swap package to Sarah, at If the Shoe Fits...crossed fingers that the packages arrive safe and sound!


  12. Wow that took ages to get to you! I didnt know about the customs label- i'll have to remember that if I post to italy. Put eyeshadow o it o soemthing. Thanks for the post! xx