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Monday, July 6, 2009

stay tuned for the first look...

Hello fellow bloggers,
I have decided to enter the Miss Beauty Junkie contest, so I'll soon be doing my first look/tutorial. Stay tuned for that, guess it's gonna come after July,8th.
OOOOh my first contest :D I'm so excited!

OK now, time to start my day and study for my French linguistics exam...
Buh-bye...aaaaaaaand remember to follow me, even if I'm new here.
You'll see how it will get when I have more spare time!



  1. hey hun!
    thought id follow you, to start you off!
    we're both new on this so i need followers to!
    help me out! :)


  2. Sure...I tried to connect to your blog, but it wouldn't let me :(
    Guess I'll try again. Thanks for the support, I really appreciate that!