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Sunday, July 5, 2009

products I love/use part II

Pupa Smart Skin Foundation in 04
This is the only foundation that really matches my skin tone!
Also, it is great if you have a mixed complexion.
It has a mattifying action, but doesn't create that mask effect
and it has a full coverage.
I guess it is the greatest foundation I've ever worn. I've tried many others, but I've always come back to it.
It is also very affordable.
Collistar "Unghie Perfette" (perfect nails) nailpolish in Glittery Purple
I've loved this nail polish this winter!
It was limited edition, but I hope they will become part of the permanent line.
It had so many glitters on it, and the color was a dark super cute purple!
Also it is very long lasting and you don't need to wear a top coat on it.
If you can get a hold on this (or any other by this italian brand), please do!
You won't be disappointed!
Rimmel London Sexy Curves mascara
Oh now...Diva's Lashes by Pupa used to be my favorite mascara...until I found SEXY CURVES!
This is an amazing product.
This little brush that you think wouldn't hold any product...is simply brilliant!
It does hold product, and...well I don't know if it is the formula or the brush - possibly both
however, it curls your lashes like they were fake!
I love it! My lashes appear to be so curved, black, long and full...
It is the best product from Rimmel so far...I totally love it, and so do pro make up artists..
therefore, two thumbs up for the cheap mascara with a great payoff!
And two thumbs up for Rimmel this year!
Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in "Temptation"
which is that awesome red you see on the right...it is a little bit lighter when you wear it.
Another great product from Rimmel. It's the shade of red I've been looking for all fall...and what I've been wearing all winter on my nights out :D
You know, I used to hate Rimmel, but this year it released so many great products that I've started to love it (minus the Lasting finish Mineral foundation, which is too "buttery"-like and give you a mask effect ... at least on my skin type and tone).
They really improved the payoff of their products, anyways.
Jane Iredale PureMoist lipstick in Emily
Which I couldn't find a picture of, but since it has become one of my fave lipsticks
you'll definately see it in pics I'll be posting and make-up tutorials that will soon come.
It is a glossy,shimmery, beige...
The texture of these lipsticks is fantastic...it really has a moisturizing effect.
Also, if you suffer from any allergy you can rest assured these products won't give you any.
All Jane Iredale's products are mineral and 100% allergy free.
Also, if you care about the environment and animals...they're 100% cruelty free, not tested on animals, and natural formulae... (I'm also currently using a base shadow by J.I. and I'm waiting to get some others, they're good!)
Plus, isn't the packaging classy?! Definately worth the price!
Pupa Plastic Shine Baked eyeshadow in 04 - Purple
Now this is another amazing product.
You can wear it wet or dry, the wet version is a little bit darker and "marker"-like...awesome!
The dry version is a little bit more pearliscent...The color pay off is great, and it is long lasting.
Unfortunately it is a limited edition color...I really wanna get my hands on the fucsia one too!!!
Pupa Luminys Baked eyeshadows
They are all amazing. the best eyeshadow that has ever been released!
Dry, the colors are shimmery and some of them are a little sheer
Wet, they're all darker and ultrashimmery.
I have the black one, and the one at the bottom left...it is a beige-gold...awesome products!
Pupa Polvere di Luce Duo
I guess they don't make this anymore :(
great packaging, carrying two powders: one is the actual eyeshadow, very pearliscent, and the other one is a glittery powder that gives light wherever you wear it. it is awesome!
Pupa Polvere di Luce mono
I have these two shades (minus the lipgloss)...they're great...very pigmented, pearliscent powders....easily blended and all.
Great products, although they're not making it anymore (they're all about baked eyeshadows now) you can still find it in some stores....

No MAC cos they don't sell it here, but these are all great products nevertheless.
Maybe when I go back to London or Canada I can buy some MAC, if I'm not on a budget.
However, there are lots of other brands I wanna get a hold on when I go back to London. I'll make a wishlist ;)

Anyhoo...these are the products I use and love! I didn't wanna take pictures of my stuff and post them, cos I'm in my dorm room and this connection takes forever to upload anything. I'll use pics I find on the net instead. This is why sometimes I couldn't find my exact colors.

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you have questions on the products tell me.
Also if you can find some Italian brands and can't find it in your country, let me know :)

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