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Monday, July 13, 2009

Craving for the Sleek i-Divine ACID palette. Anyone who can send it as a swap?

Hello lovely ladies,
I've been trying to get a hold on the Sleek i-Divine Acid palette for ages, but I can't really. I live in Italy, and their e-shop is not up yet.
Since this palette is a limited edition one, I won't be able to find it in the fall (when I go to London again) - so I'm asking you: is there anyone who can buy that palette in the UK and send it to me as a swap? I'd send you fancy and good Italian products, like Pupa - or one of the Pupa make up kit (containing many eye shadows, lipsticks and lipglosses, blushes etc.)...please, please, please...I "need" those "acid" colors....they're so cuuuuuuuuuute!!!

Get back at me if you can,



  1. I saw the comment on my Sleek Swatches post...I could possibly get hold of an Acid palette for you and send it. What's the D & G product you had in mind for swapping?

  2. Ooohh! I'm glad someone replied. The ACID palette is lovely. (",)

  3. :S it was a full bottle of !Light Blue" perfume , which I can't find anymore!! Either I swapped it already and I can't remember (how can't I, I don't know) or I brought it to my parents' house the last time I was there...

    just in case I don't find it anymore...would you swap it for Pupa make up kit or baked eyeshadow duo (they value way more than that Sleek palette, but I love those colors sooo much eheh) some Deborah (which has the same price range as Sleek)? --> I mention Italian brands I'm sure you can't find there, so that you have something others can't have ;)
    Or I'll see if I can still get hold of the Elizabeth Arden "Green Tea" perfume offer (bottle of perfume and a 50 ml scented moisturizer)...what do you say?

    Sorry I mentioned the Light Blue thing before I actually checked if I still had the bottle, but I was 100% sure it was here in my dorm room.. :S ooh the mind of a university student: absent!

  4. Hello!

    I'd be happy to try and find this for you if the person above can't :)

    Where in Italy are you from? I'm extremely jealous! I love Italy! I've been to Florence 5 times because my Mum lived there for a year- it's one of my favourite places in the world.


  5. Oh Daisy thank you so much! I'll see what liparazzi says... I mentioned something I can't find anymore, and I can't buy that again...I'm only a poor univ student! eheeh

    I am from a very sunny (and now scorching hot)big island called Sardinia...right above africa and below Corsica :) yeeeep...right in the middle of the Med Sea. - what are the odds, I love your country too...I'm kind of addicted, and I want to go back as soon as possible!

    By the way, thank you for following my blog, I'll do the same with yours - and check out this post for new comments (why doesn't blogspot give us a more useful way to interact?)


  6. Some people have offered already but I would be happy to swap for you as well :) x

  7. uahahah thank you all so much!

  8. Oh I've been to Sardinia for a holiday before! I can't remember where exactly but it was North-West of the island. It was beautiful! The friends we saw out there were building a huge house on a big orchard, it was so amazing. We've been considering holiday-ing there again so I might come back to you for some good places to visit! Oh I am so jealous.

    I know what you mean- blogger needs to get an interactive tool!

  9. Hi, i saw your comment on Pixiwoo, would definitely send it to you, just cover the cost of the product and postage via paypal, and it's yours!

    Let me know if you still need it!

  10. Just stumbled on your site. I'm now following. Love the FOTDs.

    Come drop by my site and check it out when you get a chance.


  11. Hiya
    I'd be up for a swap with anythings you fancy to try from the uk :)