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Sunday, July 19, 2009

L'Oréal Resist and Shine Titanium nail polish review

This was the biggest disappointment of all the nail polishes I've bought from January til now. The L'Oréal Resist&Shine Titanium seems to be as resistant as it claims to (although it really claims one week...so I'll tell you more next weekend), but overall it really sucks. Why? Well, I think the picture is pretty self-esplanatory: the formula is so dense that it is almost impossible to get an even coat on the nail.
Now I know I have huge nails, but even on my pinky you can see where the brush was. And there is no way to fix it! I had to give it two coats to make it a little less messy!!!
Such a big "turn off", especially after trying Rimmel's Nail Pro Lycra (waiting for you guys to release new colors in Italy!), which gives you a perfect and even color with just one coat, and lasts long too!
I have been waiting for yellow nail polishes to be released here in Italy for like...2 months? Now that we finally get one, we get the worst of all! For a better seeing, here is a picture taken with no flash...the passage of the brush is horribly visible! I haven't even bothered removing all the mess around the nails...What a disappointment...especially after you've paid 8 EUROS AND 79 CENTS for this waste!

On a better note, I have finally gone to the beach for the first time in the summer today! Apart from the strong mistral wind that got me "breaded" with sand when I got out of the water, it was lovely! It is amazing how smoothing and soothing sea water is for your skin! My little stress&heat breakouts? Gone!...Puff!, disappeared! I should have brought a bottle of sea water home just to wash my face off with it on a daily basis, but I'll soon be off of university, and I'll have more time to go to the beach, so....
I do recommend to whoever lives near/by the sea to go there and, at least, bottle some water...if you have breakouts, it is the only immediate way to get rid of them!

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed now...hope the review's been helpful to those of you who wanted to buy that crappy polish ;)


  1. I love yellow nails as well!

    I'm not sure if you saw.. but Emma was doing a blog sale and selling off some yellow nailvarnishes..


  2. wow, what a nice bright yellow. looks good.