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Friday, July 24, 2009

Deadly fires in Sardinia: my lovely island is experiencing some kind of divine vengeance.

The island where I live, Sardinia, is right above Africa, and below Corsica. This means we are right in the middle of the western side of the Mediterranean sea, and our climate is usually warm, and scorching hot in the summer. This summer, however, the heat is striking. As far as I can recall, this is the hottest weather I have ever experienced, even on this island. We have reached 45 CELSIUS DEGREES, the kind of heat they get in Africa.

Due to the heat stroke, every year we get hectars and hectars of our forests and landscapes burnt in fires, be them wildfires or man-made.
You may be wondering why the inhabitants of this natural paradise want to start fires in their on land; the answer is always the most obvious one: money! Some people here are so evil that they start fires in order to get governamental money for natural disasters. Pyromaniacs are the one of the worst human species (I do distinguish human in sub-species, we are not all equal eheh) ever. Greedy vultures!!!

Since this morning Firemen, the Civil Defense, with trucks and planes filled with water have already been dealing with the SEVEN fires that started yesterday. Of course the alert will increase in the afternoon, with temperatures rising to 46°C .

Fires are all over the island, especially near Sassari (where I am located for univ), Olbia (my hometown), and Loiri (where my mom works, luckly she finished working before the fire hit her workplace). Two people died: one was intoxicated, the other one died for the heat stroke. Many kids and elder people are fainting, and are taken at the Emergency rooms in hospitals. This is a disaster.
I saw on tv that some Mistral wind (wind that comes from North West) will be blowing on the next days, and although the temperature will cool down a little bit -which is a good thing- it is not going to decrease the allarm level here. Mistral blows hard on this island, and it's only going to create more fire occasion, mixed with the heat.
It's sad, I am desperately waiting for mid-August to come...at least the situation will improve. September will be heaven! wee..

OK, now, on a brighter note...my mom told me the package from Sleek makeUP has arrived home, so I'm gonna review (and enjoy) the palette next week. What's more, I'm being sent some other packages with samples from new companies, so I promise this summer will be full of posts and reviews ;) Intriguing.
Ok, I'm off to take a cool shower now...
Lyd from Hell


  1. wow, I didn't hear about the fires on sardinia yet. but I didn't listen to the news for a while. it's so sad that people would set fires only to get money. but you never now if the fires are due to the heat or actually man-made. I'd send you some rain if I could. we had rain almost every day for the last couple of days (except monday and tuesday)here in germany.

  2. I saw about all the fires on the news this morning- how horrible! I can't believe people are starting them just for money!

  3. Hi Lyd! I'm not Sardinian but I've been coming to your beautiful island for many many years on holiday (I suppose we're actually pretty close now, if you're back in Olbia, I'm in Golfo di Marinella right now!). It's always very upsetting to see all this wonderful nature going up in flames and smoke and to know that it's no accident makes it even worse. Like you, I'm looking forward to our "dear" Maestrale to cool us down a little but I'm also dreading it 'cause I know it's a pyromaniac's dream.
    PS: sorry to say this in this comment, but thanks for following! Perhaps we should meet up for an icecream and a beauty chat!

  4. Oh, that's so sad. But your account of it is excellent. x

  5. @Chrissy: thanks for your understanding, girl! However, sometimes you can tell if fires are wild or they're man-made. The way they start, or the way things burn, locations, or even things pyromaniacs leave there, hoping they will burn with the forest. It is horrible!

    @Daisy: yep, like I said...they're greedy vultures. I hope they fall victim to their same evil sometimes...

    @Anna: Che strano, un'altra Italiana...la prima sul mio blog!! E parli anche bene l'Inglese, I'm impressed!!! Comunque io tornerò ad Olbia il 30 credo...se sei ancora nei pressi possiamo andare a prendere questo gelato per chiacchierare un po'...nella migliore gelateria di Olbia ;)

    @Emma: thanks girl, I hope my take on it is worth something... :)

  6. Hey hey,

    I need some advice. Chris and I are contemplating Sardinia for our holiday (whoop). As you said- Ryanair goes to Alghero so we'd probably stay there. How much is there to do in Alghero? I'm happy to sit on a beach but Chris likes to see things!

    Thank you!

  7. Ryanair goes to Alghero, but you can get a bus or a train to go to other cities if you like. Trains don't cost much here. Alghero is all about beaches, the city is very typical, it's cute. And I've been told there are some nice clubs there in the summer, and nice restaurants.

    Olbia is a bigger place, Sassari too..but there's not really much to do if you're not a student in Sassari. The best place where to stay in Sardinia is definately Cagliari! It has a 15 km's long beach, lots of museums, cathedral, history...aaaand...STORES! ;)

    Alghero is a very nice place though, really...

  8. Thanks so much for the tips and advice! Will definately have to check out Cagliari!


  9. Hi Lyd,
    I'm catching up on some blog reading. My husband's close friend was originally from Sardinia and he actually told us about the pyromaniac stories too.
    Crazy. I do hear it is a beautiful place -- it's on my list of places I want to visit :-)