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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

random thoughts from the SCORCHING HOT island of Sardinia

Hello everyone,

oh geez are you getting the same heat we are here? I thought I lived above Africa, not there! Almost 40 degrees, it's crazy! I can't focus on my last exam, and I can't even go around the town because it's just too hot. And since I have that stupid exam, I can't even go to the beach!! :°( (yes, the picture you see here is the actual beach near my hometown - just 10 mins and I'm swimming in heaven)

Anyways, I've gotten many messages on the Acid palette post, one of you proposed to buy it and send it to me just as long as I refund her of the cost of the palette and the shipping. I really think that is the most convenient option for me at the moment, as I am still waiting for my payment for a translation I made a few months ago (I'm on the verge of RAGE...how dishonest!) and my scholarship will only come to my skint university student pokets in September.
However, if she can't find it...let the swapping commence! ahahah... Aaaand, I'll be more than glad to swap with you, when I have money. Cosmetics in Italy are veeeeery expensive, and if I have to swap, I only want you to try the best products.
You're probably waiting for me to review something or post some more make-up looks. I'll do that as soon as I a. buy something worth reviewing b. have more time off of study and quite frankly, less heat. Imagine wearing makeup with 40°C ...mhm, not much of a great sensation!

On a last note, I want to thank all the beautiful ladies who take the time to read my blog or simply check it out day by day. I've been keeping this blog for a little more than a week, and I guess twelve followers are a lot already. Thanks for your lovely comments, and your appreciation.
As you can see I made some changes on my page, like posting some "winter memories", or an "art application". Yes, I love art, especially paintings. Maybe I'm just a failed painter who tries to put her artsy side on makeup ;).

OK now, I'm out to chill (or rather melt, considering the weather) with my lovely boyfriend.

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  1. thanks for checking out and commenting on my blog too! hopefully you will follow it too ;-)