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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a FOTD and make-up storage

I always wonder why lashes look so small in pictures unless I put 20 coats of mascara :S

I was playing around with my Illamasqua items today, and I thought I'd try a bit of contouring (I never do that, mainly because I don't want to look orange, and then I have prominent cheekbones anyway).
I tried to match my makeup to my shirt

Revlon Colorstay foundation in Sand Beige
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Thalia - to contour my cheeks, the inner parts of my brow bones, on the sides of the nose, on the temples. I have used it very lightly with a Sigma powder brush.

Pupa Luminys eyeshadow all over the lid
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Thalia on the crease
Illamasqua cream eyeshadow in Amour as my eyeliner
Revlon black eyepencil
KIKO 30 days lash boost treatment mascara

KIKO Red Emotion Sheer Lipstick in 100 Scarlet Coral Pink (it's transparent on my lips, just adds glossiness and shimmers)

And this is my new makeup storage:
I live in a students dorm, where the rooms are really small and we have no furniture besides a huge mirror (I love it) in our ensuite bathrooms.
Until 2 years ago, my makeup would fit into one of my drawers, but ever since I have started following videos on youtube, the drawer exploded.
So here is how I keep all the makeup I have with me at university:

I have recycled the beautiful and sleek black box Illamasqua sent me, and put things that didn't fit in my drawer. They had been hanging on my desk before.
Basically it's made of the KIKO lipsticks I reach more often, gel liners, KIKO long lasting e/s I reach more often, as well as their matt coloursphere e/s, cheek stains, Illamasqua Powdered Metal, Eyeko cream, and my KIKO lash booster treatment and mascara which I have been using everyday since April, 1st (post coming soon)

my infamous drawer (ask my friends when they want make-overs).
All my pencils (for eyes, lips and brows) are kept in the red revlon case, along with my eyeliner pens and concealers. I recycled a cotton buds' box to place my sharpener and things I use to maintain my eyebrows. Then I have recycled a mozzarella box (yes! that's so ghetto!) and place random lipsticks and lipglosses in form of pots there.
Below, are two other recycled boxes, cuter this time, because they used to be Whittard Tea boxes. I keep all my single eyeshadows and pigments in the first one, and my blushes, eyebrow kit and lipglosses tubes in the second one.
Next to that, I have my palettes: KIKO Omotesando Beige from the Electric Town collection, Pupa LE Golden Jewels, Nature Temptations from Clarins, Velvet & Jewels from Elizabeth Arden (these are all LE's), and then 3 Sleek palettes: Acid, Storm, and the Original.

Next is the messy part of my collection, things I didn't know how to store:

more recycled Whittard Tea: I keep my KIKO nail laquers there, and I keep more nail varnishes, removers, hand creams etc in the orange box. I also keep my BOS II there, because it's big and beautiful, and I don't want to hide it.
And then, last one of my recycled boxes that I covered in Soap&Glory wrapping paper. I keep my perfumes, random creams, and especially my S&G products there.

So, if you have 0 space in your room, like me, this can be a solution for your collection :)

have a nice day!


  1. OMG u have such beautiful eyes!i thought it was and ads/campaign!i envy u!haha

  2. This look is lovely!! I really like the cream eyeshadow Amour as eyeliner!!
    And you're really organized too!! =) To store all my growing makeup goodies (I'm getting overwhelmed!!) I had to buy a drawer chest!!! o.O I guess the solution should be, no more makeup...impossible!!!! xD


  3. Wow I love how you have lined your eyes. Its so pretty!

  4. Love the makeup, you look gorgeous!

    You have a beautiful collection.

  5. Beautiful look as always, Lydia!
    Ahh, if your lashes are small, than my lashes are zero, haha...

    And wow, your skin is super flawless!
    Btw, how did you take that super crisp close up picture of your eyes?

  6. thank you all! :***

    @Aru, it is lovely for the spring, isn't it? I'm so sad it creases as an eyeshadow! I was so excited when I got it!
    I should buy a one of those plastic shelves with baskets that you keep in the bathroom...but I'm so lazy as the stores are far from my house LOL

    @Jess...I don't know my lashes are weird in photos!
    I don't really know how I made it and took that picture of my eye...I guess my photography skills are improving. However, I also think that pictures are better now that the sun is shining bright here!!!

  7. You look lovely, wonderful look! And that's a great way to store and save space. You've got a great stash!