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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little rant on samples in Italy

Good evening my lovelies,

I am going to tell you something about the dishonest way most perfumeries are run here in Italy. Yes, you heard that: dishonest! I really don't know if this is up to the sale assistants, but I think so, because there is no way they haven't heard of this commandment during their training: there are samples of most of the products, and those must be given to customers when they make purchases for € 10, 00 and more.

Now, it's been at least 4 years that I haven't been given a sample, even when I make a purchase for € 40,00 and more. This is not fair! When I bought my Diorskin Nude foundation, I had actually asked for a sample of it first, as I didn't want it to be such a waste as my Clinique one. Geez, that foundation costs € 38,00 and money does not certainly grow in my backyard (I don't even have a yard). Can you believe that I visited 3 stores and EVERYONE REFUSED to give me a sample, saying that they "didn't have samples for that"? Oh for crying outloud, I know those drawers below the stands are FULL OF SAMPLES! One has actually given me a make-over, because I insisted I wanted to try the foundation on my face before I decided whether to make that expensive purchase or not. I was irritated to say the least.

J'accuse: sale assistants in Italian perfumeries keep the samples for themselves!
What part of "samples must be given to customers" did they not understand? And refusing to give them is DISHONEST!
Plus, sale assistants in such chains are useless. They can't help you decide on which foundation is best for your skin, because they can't even tell you what your skin type is! I had one giving me a foundation for oily/very oily skins once!
To top it all, even when it's their fault, because they sold you the wrong products, you can't have refunds or change the product, and I really think this is ridiculous!!! Especially when I have spent way more than € 10,00!

Now you know why only buy moisturizers for my face at the chemists': they're the only ones who have competent sale assistants, and they do give you samples so that you can decide if it works for your skin or not, before you buy it!

OK, rant over, I just needed to vent, because it's really irritating!

Have you ever had similar experiences in your country?


  1. Haha, sfigata! Devi venire a trovarmi a Como, ho i cassetti pieni di roba! Davvero! E se non me ne danno, chiedo sempre qualcosa io (se sono interessata a provare qualcosa di specifico) e in genere sono piuttosto generose e disponibili!). Certo, il fatto di avere un bambino nel passeggino che sembra un cherubino penso possa aiutare, hehe! Anche le tipe del Limoni di Corso Umberto a Olbia erano tutte innamorate di lui...Hey, and if you ever need any specific samples, just drop me a line! Scusa se non ho commentato sui tuoi recent posts, e congrats x l'esame! Baciiiii

  2. In Turkey, Cosmetic samples are given in many stores.I did not experience such a misfortune. you are right to want a sample. A lower or upper tone differences are important on skin make up. As a result, it is not cheap.

  3. A me ne dabno tantissimi da sephora qui ad arezzo:però nelle altre profumerie non danno mai nulla e so per certo che in giro in italia è la stessa cosa...hai tutte le ragione accidenti..incavoliamoci!
    Totally agree my dear!
    a volte ti sento troppo vicina al mio carattere,quando inveisci per le cose che nn ti vanno bene :D

  4. Great minds think alike, evidentemente!! S,. Linea Bellezza è penoso, anche Ethos se non sbaglio (quello nell'iperStanda cos'è?). Povera te, non ti invidio proprio! Da Sephora hanno anche vasettini di plastica da riempire con i fondotinta se non hanno i campioncini e in SVizzera hanno fialettine di vetro...direi che sono fortunata! :P

  5. This sounds quite similar to the UK. Alot of the high end brands really dislike you asking for samples- it really feels like you are asking for them to pay for it out of there own wages!

    There are only afew makeup/beauty lines that I know I can go back to and ask for samples before buying the product.

    Interesting post btw.

    Fee xx

  6. This happens a lot in the UK too, hun!I asked for a sample of nars sheer glow foundation the other day and the sales assistant looked at me as if i wanted to collect the clothes off her childrens' backs. Theyre meant for the frigging customers!!! Id be more shocked if i was given samples since im so used to never being given any.I know certain brands like clarins and kiehls give samples but most -especially the perfume ones, dont.

    great post! attention should be brought to their terrible behaviour xxx

  7. @Anna sei di COMO??? o_o ANCH'IOO!!!!!!!!! XD cmq, si è vero le commesse in genere hanno un po' i braccini corti a dare campioncini, ma a me non è mai capitato di non riceverne nessuno a Como :-D e in Svizzera sono ancora piu gentili! Se c'è un prodotto nuovo che vuoi provare te lo fanno al momento il campioncino! Riempiono una jar vuota col prodotto! *-*
    trasferisciti qui o im Svizzera! XD

  8. Grzie per gli auguri ma purtoppo l'esame è andato male...8 ore di prova pratica!il bello è che lo sapevo pure fare ma mi sono fatta prendere dall'insicurezza nelle mie capacità :'(
    dobbiamo entrare nel club del campioncino!

  9. anche a me non danno mai campioncini, nemmeno da Sephora! sono d'accordo con te, anche secondo me le commesse li conservano per loro...

  10. Strano. Io qua a Parma sto praticamente nuotando in tutti i campioncini che mi danno :D