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Monday, April 26, 2010

lucky ducky

A month ago, I won the Sleek MakeUP Facebook competition, and my prize was the full collection of i-Divine palettes...which arrived today!
They were packed very well inside a black box, and there were 10 of them. Only the Acid palette had some smashed shadows (this is why it isn't pictured), but fortunately, I own Acid already ;)

Wow, I feel like a little kid who has just gotten her set of crayons, when looking at all these colours!
Even some palettes I didn't think I would like have some colors that I'd use, and are buttery soft!
I can't tell you how much I love Curious, and the last three colors in the Graphite palette.
Also, there are some great, great colors in Bohemian, Safari, and even in Chaos, and how I love the last three shades in the bottom row of the Sunset palette!
The one that disappointed me a bit was Jewels...the colours are not as buttery soft as in the other palettes. Sad, because there are lovely shades there.
Did you notice that too, or is it just my palette?



  1. Congrats! I've always wanted to try out Sleek Makeup, so I've placed an order... like a month ago, but it still hasn't come yet :(...

    Anyway, the picture is so mouth watering... LOL


  2. Re: my order
    I did email them like a week and a half ago, the lady said she will re send it because they think it might have been lost. Hopefully it will come soon. I wanna try them so badly >0<.


  3. Lucky you! I won the competition twice (won 1 palette both times) and now my collection is complete :) Jewels definitely isn't as buttery as the others but it still looks gorgeous!

  4. che stesa di ombretti ;)
    belle!sono proprio una gioia per gli occhi,e per chi come noi,tiene all'estetica è importante ;)

  5. Congrats lucky you!! =D Those pallets are lovely! ^_^

  6. I won the full pallette too :) Was so excited!!

    I have swatched them all here..

    I agree though, some are much softer but the colour pay off in all is fab :)

  7. You lucky duck! They all look gorgeous :)

  8. That's great, lucky you! Congrats! The palettes look gorgeous!

  9. Ahh lucky you super jealous!
    they look amazing I really need to get my hands on these but I can't find them in any of my local superdrugs ah! The colours look amazing!