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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Easter (belated post)

Sun was shining bright and me and my beloved boyfriend went for a stroll and an ice-cream ;)

My brother throwing stones into the water...Nostalgic picture.

This is where I was the day after Easter (which is also a bank holiday in Italy).
The beach is called Mare Rocce (Stones Beach) because it's full of stones in the water, and me, my aunts and uncles, along with my brothers, cousins, grandparents and little nephew went to my uncle's house on the beach.
It was awesome!

I decided not to post some other pictures because my little nephew (cousin's son, not my brother's LOL) and 14 y.o. cousin and goddaughter were in them, and I am too afraid of pedophiles.
Believe me, though, it was a nice scene!


  1. Looks beautiful there! Glad you had a great time! :) x

  2. That's a lovely place! These pictures make me want to leave again and go to the seaside! xD voglia di esteteee!! =D