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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please, show your support for Emergency's work!

On Saturday, April 10, soldiers of the Afghan army and the International Coalition Forces attacked the Emergency Surgical Centre of Lashkar-gah and arrested members of the national and international staff. Three of them are Italian citizens: Matteo Dell'Aira, Marco Garatti e Matteo Pagani.

EMERGENCY is an independent and neutral organisation. Since 1999, EMERGENCY in Afghanistan has provided medical assistance free-of-charge to over 2,500,000 Afghan citizens, by establishing three surgical hospitals, a maternity centre and a network of 28 first aid posts.

If you are tired of wars, of any kind of violence, any kind of abuse;

If you think that we will never stop a war, when we keep sending soldiers with weapons to kill innocent people;

If you think that attacking a no-profit HOSPITAL is an illegitimate and absurd action;

Please, give your support to EMERGENCY, now!

Go to their site, and please sign their petition, at least:


I know that we can all differe in our political views, but this is a real non-governamental, no-profit organization.
On the behalf of many innocent, hard-working, pacifist people,
Thank you all!


  1. I did sign it ;)

    I´m having a giveaway, join if you like ;)


  2. I`m from Europe so there should be no problems with sending the package to Italy (I had done it couple of times before;))