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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Illamasqua to launch their Body Electrics collection

Illamasqua will launch their new Body Electrics collection tomorrow, and I am sure most of you have seen the sneak peaks they posted on their blog, but I just wanted to share the news I have with you all, especially with the ones who do not follow the Illamasqua official blog yet.

Body Electrics, as its name suggests will be a collection of make-up for the entire body! What's more intriguing than that when we're all eagerly waiting for the summer to arrive, so that we call undress ourselves a bit?

The collection was inspired by "the power of kinetic energy, the art of movement, the fluidity of the body in motion". (I quote that from the release file that Alex Cummins sent me via email). Therefore, I was not at all wrong when, looking at the pictures of the products before reading the press release document, I thought that these two products reminded me of Futurist artists (click on that if you want to learn more about Futurism as an art movement):

Illumine Oil in Pulse
Illumine Oil in Volt

If you are passionate about art, then you can't help but notice the design with the name of the collection, and link it to Futurism.
Plus, these are two products that really express the fluidity of the body in motion. In fact, they will be really hard to photograph well (for swatches, I mean) as dry oils (especially Volt, which is infused with shimmers) are meant to capture and reflect light, thus enphasizing darkness as well, and result in a true contouring of your whole body. Sexy! Artsy!

The other products that will come out are new Liquid Metals, included a multipurpose palette with warm and cool colours.

Liquid Metal in Surge

Liquid Metal 4 colour palette in 01

And for the nails, here come some bright colours that can be worn in every season really! They're awesome:




There will also be other creams, and individual bronzers, along with a kabuki brush:

Excited much?

Illamasqua will be opening counters in the US and Dubai shortly, but Italian fans will have to wait longer to see the brand in stores around Il Bel Paese (and by longer, I mean not for 2010, ladies!).

Also, the rumor about the cream shadows being discontinued is true, but do not worry: Illamasqua is working on improving the formulation (to avoid the mass creasing), so they will be back!

The new collection will be available from tomorrow, and Illamasqua does sell internationally from their site.

So what are your thoughts about this collection?
Do you like the instant connection Illamasqua has with art movements? Because that is what attracts me to the brand, along with the concept behind it!


  1. I love the link to Futurism, i'm an artist myself and Illamasqua always pleases me with it's arty collections. I love the look of the Volt oil. Can't wait for this collection!

  2. Hey babes, your pics are much better than the one on my post! I so want the bronzers, I am a bronzer fiend! xx

  3. I'm in love with those nail polishes! *-* can't wait to try them out!
    I think it's a very unique idea to link a makeup/beauty collection to art...Actually, makeup itself is a form of art, isn't it? =)