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Monday, April 12, 2010

KIKO L.E. Colour Sphere Mat & Colour Sphere Mat&Pearly: review and swatches (EN - IT)

This is what the eyeshadow duos look like in their packaging.
The black plastic has a rubbery finish, almost like the Nars packaging

...And this is what the eyeshadows look like in their box. Reminiscent of MAC boxes.

Had you ever seen baked MATTE eyeshadows before? I hadn't.
However, I am glad these were kindly sent to me from the ever-lovely Alice from KIKO.
I have always loved matte eyeshadows, although I didn't use to wear them much because it is very hard to find mattes with a good pigmentation.
These, thanks to the baked technology have a great colour pay-off, and have rapidly become a staple of my daily make-up.

The range has two variations: all-matte duos, and matte/pearly duos.
The matte shades need to be applied dry (although I've seen on another blog, that it is perfectly fine to apply them wet, and some of those shades look incredible wet), while the pearly shades can be applied dry for a sheerer, but glittery effect, or wet for a shimmery/metallic effect.
This is genious, as those eyeshadows will be suitable for day, evening, or clubbing makeup! All in one!
My previous FOTD post (matte purple) that you all seemed to like a lot was made using one of these duos, namely the lilac/purple one!

Now for some swatches, taken with natural light (sun was shining very bright):

Colour Sphere Mat : 200 - Beige/Moka, 201 - Rosa cipria/Cioccolato

202 - Rosa/Gelso, 205 - Grigio chiaro/Blu scuro, 206 - Grigio/Antracite
(I have no idea why I put 205 after 202 LOL)

203 - lilla/viola, 204 - ecrù/verde bosco

Colour Sphere Mat/Pearly: 207 - Oro rutenio/wengé, 208 - rosa confetto/beige rosato

209 - mandorla/fenicottero, 210 - glicine/orchidea, and above 211 - verde acqua/ottanio

212 - celeste/indaco, 213 - argento/nero

I also like the selection of colours very much, I find it is a nice combination of neutrals, browns, and bright, but wearable shades.

As for the lipsticks, I hope KIKO will put these on their permanent line, because they are extremely useful!

Also, their price is very affordable: all duos retail for € 6,90

Share your opinions on this product - I really, really love all of them!!!

Italian Version:

Avevate visto degli ombretti cotti OPACHI prima? Io no.
Tuttavia, sono molto felice che mi siano stati spediti dalla dolcissima Alice della KIKO.
Mi sono sempre piaciuti gli ombretti opaci, nonostante non li portassi molto perché è veramente molto difficile trovarne con una buona pigmentazione.
Questi, grazie alla tecnologia "ombretto cotto" hanno un'ottima scrivenza, e sono diventati velocemente un passaggio obbligatorio nei miei trucchi giornalieri.

Questi ombretti hanno due varianti: una tutta opaca e l'altra con una combinazione opaco/perlescente.
Gli ombretti opachi vanno applicati asciutti (anche se ho visto su un altro blog che sono belli anche applicati bagnati, e anzi alcuni dei colori diventano ancora più belli), e le colorazioni perlescenti possono essere applicate sia asciutte per un effetto più delicato, ma brillantinato, oppure bagnati per un risultato più shimmery e metallizzato.
E' geniale perché questi ombretti possono essere usati sia per il trucco da giorno, che da sera o anche da discoteca! In un solo prodotto!

Nel mio post precedente, FOTD, che mi sembra sia piaciuto un po' a tutte, ho utilizzato proprio uno di questi Colour Sphere, e cioè il lilla/viola!

Mi piace molto anche la selezione dei colori, penso sia una combinazione di colori neutri, marroni e tonalità più vivaci, ma tranquillamente indossabili.

Così come per i rossetti, spero che la KIKO inserisca questi ombretti nella linea permanente, perché sono molto utili!

Anche il prezzo è molto abbordabile: € 6,90

Fatemi sentire le vostre opinioni su questo prodotto - Io li adoro tutti!!!


  1. They look really wonderful! lots of people rave about this brand, I want to try their stuff!!

  2. I don't usually like matte eyeshadows, I tend to prefer shimmer ones, but these are very nice!! They seem so pigmented and they're very affordable too! Well done! I think I might consider to try some of them out! =D


  3. These look really dreamy!


  4. I really love this brand, it's super nice.
    I was last year in Italy and I bought an eyeshadow [just one, darn it!] and I simply adore it!
    I was wandering if there is any way I could order some more - I live in Romania, by the way.
    Thanks for answering and keep doing swatches with Kiko - loving them :-D.

  5. Hi Deea, ce faci? LOL just some reminiscences of Romanian (I have a very close Romanian friend).
    KIKO is a great brand, indeed. I posted a poll in the sidebar to help them decided if they should run their online store to foreign countries as well, because they're thinking about it.

    Thing is I don't have a store near me, so I can't help you with that right now, but thanks to the huge feedback they may run their international shipping soon :)

  6. Oh, I can't waiiit!
    I might travel to Italy in August I'll steal the whole store.
    I might even steal your haul :-D.
    By they way, totally freaked out when I saw that Romanian phrase; I thought you were from around here and got all confused :-)).

  7. Hi! I think this product is amazing, because has 2 complementary colors. I don't have these eyeshadows, but I tested in my skin few day ago. The brown, rose and purple color are my favourite for my green eyes. Good post! :)