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Monday, October 12, 2009

eofn: Urban Decay Inspired series, part II

For my inspiration picture, click here, although I am sure you all know where it comes from by now.
U.D. does not sell in Italy, so no, I did not use any U.D. product for this look...

...and that reminds me that I don't really need it, because I can have the same effect with other things I already have,
but since I can find U.D. in London I'm going to buy a palette nevertheless - ahah...I call it investment. Or being spoilt.
This look was actually pretty easy and fast. Cropping the pictures and uploading them was not, on the other hand.
The connection in my dorm SUCKS!
The flash captured pigments so much that it looks wet. It is not. And my skin's not oily, but I'm wearing no foundation.
I was just bored and only did 1 eye to try it out ehehe...
So the products I used are:

e.l.f. eye primer;
the "lightest" bright blue in the Sleek Acid palette;
blended in with the very light glittery baby blue in my Pupa Precious gold palette;
an orang-y shimmery e/s blended in the crease from a Pupa palette;
Yellow/gold glittery e/s from my Pupa Precious gold palette highlighting the browbone, and on the inner corner;
black kajal pencil in the waterline, upperlashline and in the crease (yep!);
Pupa Diva's lashes mascara (ran out of my Sexy Curves today, and didn't want to use the Lancome one for a trial)

I guess this prooves us all that we don't need every single eyeshadow that is released, we just want them.
At least, I do, and I often give in...


  1. WOW, i love it, the blue is so nice and bright. x

  2. gorgeous! I love UD...it's much cheaper in England than it is in the states, so I'm stocking up while I'm over here.

  3. its not at the tube station. It's a little bit farther, technically the train station, but when you leave the tube station come out and turn right and then turn left on to Buckingham Palace street, or rd, I can't remember, you'll see a Pub named The Shakespeare *don't eat there, and the superdrug is kind of hidden. They have original, chaos, and storm there. Oh...love the ink pot. It's amazing.

  4. What a gorgeous eye...Lyd! No, really, you absolutely rock bright colours like these! And you're so lucky you don't have to wear concealer around your eyes, I never get enough sleep. aaargh!! xx

  5. ahah thank you girls so much!
    Anna, I do have dark circles under my eyes. I have bad sleeping habits. and I watch screens way too much. I guess I'm lucky I have a medium dark skintone and that helps hiding it a little bit eheheh