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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I just want to say hello to
my new followers, and
thanks everyone for following
my blog!

I really appreciate your attention,
every comment you post,
I love reading your blogs and
your opinions on stuff.

I am sorry I haven't been posting
so much lately, but the only exciting
make-up purchase was a Lancome mascara.
I will review it soon, but I'll leave all the
exciting reviews for:
A. when I get my Sigma Makeup Brushes;
B. when I (go and) come back from London
In fact, I plan on purchasing all my make-up there!

Again, thanks for following me!
I'll be hosting a contest when I reach 150 followers!

PS: I don't know why I set some format options, but blogger keeps changing them in the post. sorry for this mess.


  1. Lyd dear, it's a pleasure to follow you! Actually, sorry for not having commented much lately, I'm not really posting much either :(! Can't wait to see what things you'll bring back from London! (By the way, if u ever need anything from the "Continente", feel free to ask!)
    Baci, Anna x

  2. A definite pleasure to follow you :) Hope you enjoy London xx