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Sunday, October 25, 2009

London purchases: clothes and accessories

Round two of my London purchases.
I apologize for the headless picture ahah...I don't have a big mirror in my room in the dorm, so I had to take it in front of my bathroom mirror.
I just wanted you to see how lovely the dress is, because you can't really see it when it's on the bed!

Blue dress from Primark

Bangles, whoop earrings, flower earrings, and flower ring from Primark
Pearl and flower necklace from Accessorize
(I could not find the flower necklace, nor the flower brooch! Disappointment!)

Blue dress and grey short sleeves shirt from Primark

Close-up of the pattern of the skirt, from H&M. I love this skirt, because it's versatile!

Green sweater from Primark, stripes sweater from H&M, skirt from H&M.

I meant to shop some more, because I wanted to find some nice skirts to wear with colorful stockings and leggings, but I was the only girl of the group...you can imagine!

I basically just shopped the first simple things that caught my attention.
I'll do a shoes post soon!


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