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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleek news!

Hello angels,
I think you're well aware that Sleek put out a new palette called Sunset. I saw it when I was in London, although it was already sold out at Superdrug, and I could only swatch the tester.

Also, they released a new LE palette called Graphite, which consists of a wide range of blacks, greys, and purple/blue greys, plus 2 highlighting colors. Graphite is hitting all Superdrug stores TODAY!
So sad I'm not in the UK anymore! Don't miss this one, girls!

Lastly, they said their online store will be up and running shortly. Probably by November, and all LE palettes will be up for grabs when the site starts running. Stay tuned! ;)



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  2. hi lydia, any pic for this findings? wanted to get some of sleek palette as i heard so much rave about it...

  3. lydia, thank u sooo much for the link.
    i'm loving the Graphite palette, its really prettty and i like the way it can be wore...

    btw where are you located now?

  4. ya really pretty.. dieing and jealous of you to own one of their palette since the rave and now you provide me with the swatches, i must find a way to get them. Hopefully they allow intl shipping to my location when their site are up.

    italy oh thats my dreamland, still saving hard to achieve that! any gd cosmetics brand at ur side to recommend? maybe we can do a swap in future...

  5. Ciao Lyd! A fine novembre vado in Inghilterra...devo prenderti qualcosa?? Tipo questa palette! Davvero, senza problemi! Un bacio xx

  6. Hey again. I finished my blogspot about Sunset. I could always try to pick up any palettes for you if you wanted and paid me via paypal (just for the palette and postage, I don't want extra money!). xXx