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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recent purchases (a.k.a. wallet assassin)

After getting a haircut (it was about time, my hair almost reached the end of my back), I decided to browse the local Linea Bellezza and Coin to find some things for my trip.
I couldn't resist, and took advantage of the 40% discount on Elizabeth Arden's make up for card holders.
I am definitely feeling buyer's remorse, but the palette was so sophisticated! :S
So, on to what I bought:

Elizabeth Arden's "Jewels & Velvet - compact for eyes"
A nice black satin compact that secures a 5 eyeshadows' palette.
The colors are sultry and sophisticated. The shades are called (L-R):
Plumsmoke (more of a sparkling mid-toned brown), Graphite (lovely very dark sparkling grey), Tulle (very very light pink - shimmery), Indigo (as the name says it is a dark shimmery blue), Sandstone (sand/tan shimmery color).
Therefore there are 3 neutral shades, one of which is sparkling, and two darker shades to smoke out your eyes.
You can really create both day and night looks with this palettes, and the colors are definitely suitable for every skin tone, eye color, hair color.
The palette contains a two ended brush (sponge applicator and actually brush) which I won't bother using.
The colors are described in the box as "Rich, true color that lasts all day. Vitamin-enriched (what vitamin? Not clear!). Crease resistant. Silky smooth and Ophthalmologist and clinically tested".
I can agree with the rich, and silky smooth descriptions, but I will have to play with that before confirming the other details.

Swatches - without my crappy flash:

Plumsmoke, Graphite, Tulle, Indigo, Sandstone

close up of the sparkles of these two colors. My flash is stupid, and this picture does not do them justice
But you can get the hint of the sparkles. Nice!

Lancome's "Virtuose Black Carat" mascara
I have actually bought this like 2 weeks ago. It is described as "divine lasting curves and lenght mascara"
And it is!!! I love it, If only I had thicker lashes this would give me a false lash effect. It doubles the lenght of your lashes, and does curve them!

Last thing I've got is the travel size Clinique's 3-step skin care system.
I've been wanting to give that a try for ages now, and the fact that it is the only thing you can get travel size bottles of convinced me. I will bring this to London and see if it does good to my skin.
I really hope the stupid visible pores on the apples of my cheeks will go away!
I got it for the skin type n. 2: dry combination - because my skin is prone to break outs, has visible pores, and uneven color, but it is not oily at all, and most of the break out treatments peel my skin off because it dries it out too much.
So steps for skin type 2 are: liquid (or solid) facial soap MILD - cleanse;
clarifyng lotion 2 - exfoliate;
dramatically different moisturizing lotion - moisturize.

Has anyone ever tried the 3-step skin care system by Clinique?
How did you find it?


  1. Hahaha, naughty Lyd! But it does seems like a nice and very wearable palette, I'm sure you'll use it a lot on your gorgeous eyes! My camera has stupid flash too...what camera do you use? Perhaps we have the same one!! I tried the Clinique 3-step on and off a few years ago and liked the toner, though perhaps it was a bit to alcoholic for my taste (used number 2 like u) and the soap. Not a fan of the moisturizer, but I hope it works for you! Baci

  2. Ooo that palette looks gorgeous! And it has everything, I so often find that palettes are missing shades that I need to make them work!
    Screw buyers remorse, I'm going shopping on Monday. Hehe

  3. babe the palette looks great -really versatile and good for travel!cant wait to see your EOTDs when you use it! let us know how well the clinique stuff fares! xxx

  4. ahahaah "screw buyers remorse"...

  5. The mild facial soap is nice :), though I personally prefer their Comforting Cream Cleanser ;). The toner, I hated (way too alcohol-ey for my skin) and the DDML didn't do anything for me either :-/. (Plus the colour is kind of sickening for something to be put on one's face...)
    Should I be saying this? Still, everyone's skin is different - and getting the travel size ones was a good idea ;).