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Saturday, October 10, 2009

London wishlist

Trapped Filigree Butterfly Brooch from Accessorize
Bird Cameo Ring from Accessorize
Trapped Flower Ring from Accessorize
Enamel Teardrop Earrings from Accessorize
2x Ditsy Floral Fabric Bangles

Set of 5 Chunky Mix Multi Bangles from Accessorize

Vintage Flower Necklace from Accessorize

Flower and Butterfly necklace and clic clac set from Accessorize
(I know, it's for little girls, but I'm a sucker for flowers and butterfly, plus it costs less!)

Obviously, if I can find more or less the same things for cheaper in other stores I'd be more than glad to stick with them eheheheheh
If you have any suggestion for that...:)


1.Sleek Storm Palette
2. Some Urban Decay palette
3. Barry M Dazzle Dusts - some neutrals and browns, pink gold
4. Barry M Fine Glitter Dusts - Black gold, black purple, opal,
5. Barry M nail paint - Pink flamingo
6. Gosh Darling Lipstick
7. Sleek Ink pots - black, brown, purple
8. MeMeMe pussycat cheek and lip tint
9. Nude nail polish - any brand, but more likely Rimmel Pro Lycra
10. Eyeliner brush

Skin care:
Witch Hazel products!

ballerinas and maybe a pair of boots

skirts, cardis, fancy shirts

a nice belt and a nice big bag

Anyone has suggestions on where to find all of this for cheap in zone 1?


  1. oxford street! you will find nearly all the stuff you want on oxford street. Boots should stock it. But it might be sold out. I'm going up to metro centre and if they have it in stock i'll see if i can pick one up for you and get it to you whilst you are in london!

  2. :OOOO oh you're so so so kind! I hadn't had time to go up and down on oxford street the first time I was in London, so I only know a few stores there...but I guess I will walk a lot more there now hahhaha... :***

  3. have fun in London! the uk has so many great brands, I'm jealous!

  4. I agree- Oxford Street will have it all! It's such a good street for shopping- although very busy!x

  5. Thanks girls. I've been to Oxford St last year, but unfortunately had no time. Following your suggestion I found a site that tells me everything about Oxford street and I found out there's EVERYTHING. every store I need is there. it's sooo cool! eheh

    I really hope Debenhams there stores UD's Book of Shadows vol. II!! ;)

  6. Aww noooo why have you posted all this stuff! I will now have to go and buy most of this it's gorgeous!! xx