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Saturday, October 17, 2009

going on holiday

Bye everyone,
I will be in London by tomorrow morning, so no blogging until I get back.
Have fun in the meantime, and don't unsubscribe!

I will be back next week with some nice things to show you ;)



  1. Have a great holiday, my lovely! Ti invidio davvero tanto!!!!!! xx

  2. Have fun in London! I've been once, it's great for shopping! xXx

  3. Thank you, girls!!!
    Yep, it is great for shopping. My goodness, I-ve spent too much ahahha!!!
    too bad I-m only travelling with a hand luggage (price to pay for paying tickets less with Ryanair) and I will have to send most of the stuff by post tomorrow morning.

    OOOh it-s my last day. And I have to say, eventhough I love London, I-m happy to go home. See my boyfriend, sleep in my GOOD bed, and just play with all the makeup I bought and...My new Sigma brushes. expect lots of reviews coming soon!!!

    xoxo everyone!!!