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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A penny for your thoughts

Recently, the most famous Italian make-up artist on youtube (ClioMakeUp) was invited to a (lousy) TV show.
I will not dwell on with the disappointment of seeing her treated like a piece of meat, as they didn't even ask her to talk about her experience with makeup and that she has recently published a book and so on (they just told her to do a green look on some random girl, I think is some kind of tv prostitute, and had the other guests talk ish about makeup. They really didn't know what they were saying, they do not know the art behind makeup).

The point is that a psychologist who was there came up with the following sentence:

"Make-up make us look all the same"

Obviously, I do not agree with her for so many good reasons, but I am really curious to know what you think about this statement.


  1. I don't agree with that statement. I think that make up is what makes us stand out! There is more than one way of applying it, different colours etc. How can that make us all look the same? We would all look the same without make up not the other way around I think. x

  2. I suppose i agree to a certain extent as so many people have such nice interesting features too their face - freckles, skin tone etc but when make up is applied, that all gets covered and everyone ends up with a 'perfect' face.

    But with make up you can do so many diferent looks and be so creative and show your true personality!!

    So i can see both sides to that argument but overall I don't agree!

    Lisa xx

  3. definitely dont agree with that!

    that comment is based assumption that the same 'look' appeals to everyone and that makeup gives one defined result. We all know there are a myriad of variations. From Kat von D's bold intese look to J-lo's glow and nicloe kidman's porcelain look to Alek Wek its obvious that makeup can help use enhance our own different features, showcase our personalities and highlight the fact that we are all beautiful especially with our different features, skintones,and personalities.Perhaps we are not all creative and some of us may copy other people's make up looks, then we are the ones that make us look the same, but it is inaccurate to say that makeup makes us look all the same. It is more of a gateway of expression when we do choose to be creative, i think

    where did that 'psychologist' get her degree from? ebay?

    x x x

  4. Don't you just love Italian television??? Always gives you a lot of food for thought!!!! Certo, se mettono su il trucco con la cazzuola come in televisione, ci credo che poi sono tutte uguali...e non dimentichiamo che anche il nostro caro "Premier" si mette chili di fondotinta, dev'essere che nelle clausole dei contratti Mediaset specificano la quantità di cerone da spalmarsi in faccia, hehe! xx

  5. I think this is like saying that "paints make paintings look all the same". I guess history of arts taught us all differently.

    I can reproduce Jennifer Lopez's make-up all I want, I will never look like her! Simply because I am not her, so no...make-up does not make us look all the same.

    The only thing I can agree on, is that in this individual world, people do not try to stand out as individuals, but to standardize a certain kind of beauty, which is wrong. But that is not achieved with make-up on its own - there is a standardization of clothing style, hair colors, hair cuts and, unfortunately surgery. I guess makeup is the less of all evils when it comes to that.

    Overall, though, I am glad to notice that the make-up community here is very conscious about how to use makeup the right way.