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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anatomicals review

Hello lovely bloggettes,
you may have noticed the lack of posts recently. I apologize for that: I am kind of busy with my Arabic exam right now (which is no joke at all! :S), and I have also moved back to my dorm room, which means my connection is as slow as a 56k. It's no fun, and also very hard to upload pictures and manage the blog really. Sometimes I just feel like giving up, and blog on another day eheheh.

Anyways, it's been a while now that I have been testing out the Anatomicals products I have been sent, and I feel the need to post my reviews on them.

Let's start this off with Not another rough day please body moisturizer:
Its 200 ml tube retails for £ 3,00 - which I think is a very fair price, especially considering how good this product is. I have very dry skin on my legs, and my elbows and knees have never been the smoothest ones...well Not another rough day please helped me a lot!
At first I thought it was just a regular moisturizer, that would absorb very easily, and had a pleasant fruity smell which was not too overpowering. I consider that a good thing, because I am a perfume girl, and I don't like when moisturizers interfere with the fragrance I am wearing. I love how the fruity smell of this moisturizer is just enough to make you feel very clean for a long time, even in the crazy hot weather we get in Sardinia.
The more I tried this, the more I realized it is an impressive moisturizer actually. Not only have I got very less signs of my dryiness on my legs, but also I have noticed my knees and my elbows especially are beeing levelled and smoothed by it. I think it is the very first time in my life that I feel them as smooth!
For this action, it is a bargain and I suggest you all buy it!

Help the pow, hand cream:
this also retails for £3,00 and it is a 100 ml tube. It contains sweet almond oil and vitamin E, absorbs very rapidly without leaving your hands all creamy so that you can put it on and still be able to do whatever right after the application. It does work very well, the hands become naturally smooth, rather than creamy. I'd say I love it if it wasn't for the overpowering smell. I don't know, but there is something I hate about its smell. It could be just me though.
Nevertheless I'd repurchase this, just because it's the only hand cream I have ever tried that allows you to work with your hands immediately after the application and still does its job!

No old bags allowed eye gel:
15 ml tube which retails for £3,00
I have never suffered from bags under my eyes, so it's not like I'm the best person to give an insightful review on this. However I had some sleeping problems over the past few days, due to the incredible amount of mosquitos in this town, which were keeping me up all night (until I declared war, and won it!) so my eyes were experiencing a bit of puffiness, and certainly dark circles!
I have tried to put this on, and I haven't seen major physical changes, although I felt relief because I kept this gel in the fridge and gently patted it under my eyes.
I don't know if it is just me, but I can't say I am impressed with this.

Eye cream, you scream, we all scream for eye cream
regenerating eye cream:
15 ml tube of eye cream. Can't find how much it retails for.
The first time I tried this cream I was really impressed with it. I had noticed a considerable change. However, now that I really needed it, I don't think it helped that much. Maybe it helped not getting them darker and darker, and soothed, but it didn't erase the dark circles. I guess sleep is the only remedy eheheh. I don't know, I have mixed opinions about this product now, so I think I will keep on using it and come back on it later.

Stop cracking up lip balm:
15 ml tube which retails for £3,00. Glossy lip balm that smells like strawberries. Very nice (and tasty ahah), but it doesn't stand out as exceptional. I am kind of using it as a lipgloss more than a lip balm.

That's when I fell for the leader of the (hair) pack deep conditioning hair pack:
6x15 ml sachets, retail for £5,00. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! if this connection weren't so slow, I would have uploaded the pictures I took after I used it.
After 1 month spent at the beach, salt and sun dried my hair a little bit (my hair is very long and it is also very healthy for its length). Just one application of this hair mask and my hair looked gorgeous!!! So shiny, so healthy, soft and smooth, without losing volume. And if you have fizzy hair, your problem will be solved with this. I will certainly buy this again, and I also highly recommend it! I bet it can do miracles with bad hair.

I was also sent two sachets of "Farewell the scarlet pimplehell" deep cleansing mud mask, but I am under some other treatment and I don't really think mud does any good to my skin, so I will hand it over to my friend to test, and I will post a review based on her experience for this product.

So far, I think Anatomicals, with their quirky names and packaging, release quality products which are very affordable, so I do recommend buying them!
They're available on www.anatomicals.net and I think they're also available at ASOS in the UK.
You'll love them, and love the colorful packaging, and humor in the names and descriptions.

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