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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Make-up turn off

Doesn't it suck when you buy something from a high-end brand because you think it does one thing, and then you find out it is no good at all on your skin?

This is what happend to me yesterday. I asked for a Clinique foundation, namely the "Stay-True Makeup" one. It was said to cover your open pores fully, and I have this stupid combination skin that leaves me visible pores on one part of the apples of the cheeks. I hate it. There's nothing that can cover it. They're minimizing because I'm using Normaderm by Vichy, but still...my skin isn't flawless.
Little did I know about this foundation, it was for oily to very oily skin. Of course that IDIOT shopping assistant didn't stop me and said "this is not what you want really. Your skin is DRY TO COMBINATION, not oily to combination". She just couldn't wait to sell. What a fool, I would have bought another foundation, just not that one.
So now I'm kind of crying because I have paid this foundation a lot, and it is not good for me. It completely dries my skin out, because it doesn't contain any oil.
I guess I could mix it with the Neal's Yard Remedies hydrating cream Louise sent me, but I really hate doing that because the coverage factor will be less efficient, and ...what did I really spend my money on? I could have gotten a new Pupa smart skin, which I know is perfect on my skin!

So...if anyone's interested in buying this NEW in the box foundation, in 29 - Stay Sable, please tell me. I'll send it for € 20,00 (it's NEW! Full. I have used just a tiny little spot to see it was no good for me) so you're saving € 7,00 which you can buy other things with.

Let me know... :(


  1. return it, if you have the box, wipe the top round so it looks unused, in fact dont say u have used it.. superbalanced would be good - I use that or superfit I have combination skin too
    you can ask for samples to try

  2. I hate how Italian stores run their business, it is so unfair! They won't let me return it! Now I have to finish this bottle, but of course, I have to mix the foundation with some hydrating cream, for it to suit my skin.

    grrr! Next time, I'll ask for samples, they should have them, eventhough the shop assistants have this insane habit not to distribute them (even when I buy 50€ of things there!!!) so that they can keep them all for themselves and save their money! Disgusting!!!

    Does superbalanced cover visible pores? Because that's my main concern, otherwise I'll keep using my 17€'s worthy Smart Skin and be happy with it ehehe...(Smart Skin is a very good foundation, only...I hate how visible the pores on my cheeks are!)