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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My e.l.f. purchases and an update

Goodmorning angels,

Just a quick post to show you what I've got from e.l.f.
First off I have to say that this is the only package in a lifetime that arrived on time! Italy is having so many troubles with posts, and I am now thinking that it is because of the recent "security laws" that have been issues. Laws that actually bring Italy back to the fascism years, about immigrants and pretty much everything, including things that are sent to the country. I kind of feel like I'm under and embarg regime, and that it also breaks European laws, but anyway, this is not a political post.

I have selected the "sign for" method, and the parcel took 5 exact days to be delivered (it promises to be delivered in 3-5 work days). So whoever lives in my same country, if you want to see your order, pay extra cash for the "sign for", at least until the Italian e.l.f. site is under construction.

So on to the stuff I got:
[excuse my bare foot. ahah...no polish on it, it looks aweful]
Brow kit in medium, from the studio line, which contains a shaping wax/gel and a filling powder to create a natural look. It also contains a tiny brush, but I wouldn't bother using the angle side of it. I have a better brush which is great for this. I am very happy with this product! Although I feel the light shade would have been better for me eheheh. it's ok though.

Slant tweezers from the ordinary line, which is the only product I dislike. They do tweeze, but they're not replacing my professional ones for any reasons. I can't grab tiny hairs with them, so I think I'll pass this along to my brother who only needs it to take a little bit of excess hair in between the two brows. Men do not need perfection, so...

Contour Brush from the studio line, which is kind of a crease brush. it is also good for the V corner and lower lashline defining. I love it! The bristles are awesome! Great buy for just €4,00!!! I think I will order some more of their brushes!

2xBlending brushes, from the ordinary line. Great brushes for such a small value! They are so fluffy!! I took two of them, because no store sells blending brushes like those here in my island, so if you want them you'll have to spend big €€€€ ordering a Mac one, or the likes. I can't wait to do my make up and finally be able to blend easily and in less time!!

Studio eye primer and sealer: ooh great product! One end is for priming your eye (we do not have eye primer in Italy...paradoxical for the fashion country, isn't it?), the other end has a small eyeliner brush with the sealer formula, which you can dip into your preferred eyeshadow to transform it into your liner! How great is that?

I'll show you a very fast swatch:I think you can definitely tell the difference: first is the pigment on the primer, second is the pigment as a liner, third is the pigment on its own. Great stuff!!!

I am very very happy with my e.l.f. order and I can't wait to do a fotd with the products I got! :)

Now, as an update: I have reached my 100 followers!!! Thank you so much, girls!!! It is a lovely feeling indeed. I am planning to host a contest when I reach 150, and I already have an idea for the theme. It is going to be very interesting.

Now...youtube...I have tried my digital to record a video and I have to tell you, the quality is horrible. You can't really tell colors from it...so I don't know if I will make tutorials with that. I will see what I can do. I can enclose pics to show the real colors...or I can get a good webcam and use my laptop's screen as a mirror ehehe...yeah right, because one has to develop good skills for that...getting the right angle, being able to work on a little mirror, and so on. And there is also the editing part. I don't know where to start with it. I have never recorded a video and edited it in my life!
And last, but not least...how much does it take to upload...let's say an 8-10 mins video on youtube? Because my connection here at the dorm is so slow that it takes 2 hours to upload a 10 mins video to watch. :S I'll do something eventually, but I need help and info's. ehehe..

Well I really have to go now, my bf is coming over in an hour and I still have to shower get ready.



  1. I have a few of the eyeshadow brushes from the normal line and they are fab! Rival some of the more expensive brands!

    Want to try that eye primer and sealer :)

  2. I'm so happy that this package got to you!!
    The package I sent you will get to you one way or another! Still can't believe they held on to it!!!


  3. You can use as eye primer Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it`s great... you cand find it at Sephora !