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Monday, September 14, 2009

'gainst my window, I can feel the rain....(eofd)

It is pouring! It's a bit of a waste because my boyfriend is at home, and won't come over as he has a dinner at his friend's, but I like it. It hadn't rained in 3 or 4 months here, and I am loving it now.
Mainly because all that heat, with no possibility to go to the beach was like a slap on my face! LOL
Not that it's cold, in fact, there is a very pleasant temperature outside, plus it will finally sterminate my number one enemy: mosquitoes!

Well, seems like the summer is officially over, even in super sunny Sardinia. My tan is officially fading too. That makes me sad. I loved it. It was so bright and goldy...and healthy looking as it was real! ahah...

So today I thought I'd wear a navy-golden stripes tshirt, and I decided to match my make up, as a chance to try out the new e.l.f. stuff.
In fact, I have tried the crease brush, the brow kit, and the seal end of the eye primer and seal thingy. I love everything. The latter, especially, is an amazing product!
I have a matt navy eyeshadow from Pupa which I think I wore like...3 times on me, and I have always applied that on my friend as she has dark eyes and pale skin, so I love that on her. Anyways, now I have the chance not to think that it was a waste of money! I turned it into a navy eyeliner, and it looks awesome!!!
I love this primer and seal product from e.l.f., it gives you the chance to play around and do different things with eyeshadows that you love, or love and hardly ever wear because you think they are just way too much for you. A line around your lashline is certainly not overpowering! Goodbye, buyer's remorse!
I feel sorry that the pictures do not do justice to the real colors of this look, but even in its simplicity I find it gorgeous, and I'll do that again in the future. It is also a very good look for when you wear glasses (no pics of that, I discovered it when I got back home and I took off my contacts).

On to the pictures:

[junk food indulgence broke out my skin!...I am getting back to my healthy nutritional habits though]

Products used:
Lumiere Cashmere mineral foundation in Medium Deep Golden
e.l.f. brow kit in medium
Pupa Lumynis eyeshadow all over the lid
Lumiere eye pigment in Foliage on the crease (for some reason it looked greysh today :S)
Jane Iredale PurePressed eyeshadow in Ecru on the brow bone
Pupa Matt Extreme in 07 (navy blue) used as eyeliner on the upper and lower lashline - using the seal end of the Eye Primer and Liner Sealer from the e.l.f. studio line.
Two or three coasts of Pupa Diva's Lashes mascara in black.

So if you like it, give it a go. It only takes 10 mins!



  1. Your eyes look stunning. Really pretty. Is that your narural eye colour. or coloured contact lenses.

  2. Thank you! It is my natural eye color, I only wear contact lenses because I'm short sighted (and astigmatic)eheeh...

  3. Beautiful EOTD! So envious of your bold lashes! ;)

  4. Love your tee, Lyd! Who's it by? And your EOTD is absolutely gorgeous, must try that ELF primer and seal thing, will have to get it myself (as you said in your ELF-themed post, it's not so easy to find primers in Italy)! Bad weather up here too, holidays in Sardinia seem like eons ago!
    Anna x