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Monday, September 14, 2009

Our perception of beauty: how it has changed over the years

Miss Italy in 1973: curvy, slim, healthy...looks like a real woman!

Miss Italy in 1983: despite the hideous hair, her body is very fit!

Miss Italy in 1993: that's when it has begun. The 90's imposed the skinny-is-good stereotype!
(this girl has later gotten a boob job that make her looks so unreal!)

Miss Italy in 2008: if you hadn't seen her pretty face, would you think this is a woman?Where are her curves? Where is the difference between waist and hips? She looks like she needs to eat a whole restaurant! Totaly unhealthy looking.

Miss Italy 2009 will be elected tonight. The participant to the peagent this year are even skinnier than this girl.

This is how our perception of beauty has changed throughout the years. Do you really like it? Do you think it is a faithful representation of how people look in real life?
In my opinion, all this mainstream media exposure to unhealthy skinny bodies is misleading us all. Not only does it make us feel like we are ugly, and do not fit the epithome of beauty, but it also leads to eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or obesity caused by depression.
Is this how we want to be brainwashed? Is this what men likes? Is this how we want our future daughters to be/feel? The answer to all questions is a "DAMN NO!".
This is just how the medias want us to be. They set stereotypes and force society to create outsiders.

Fast foods such as Mac Donald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway etc love this! Why? Because more and more people are unsatisfied with their body appearance and comfort themselves with food they think is tasty, and help them feel less depressed (Mac Donald's burgers have been proven to create an addiction, causing depression when are not eaten).
Designers, papers, some pharmaceutical companies base very lucrative business on our perception of beauty!

Beware of all these things, because we don't really have to be skinny to be beautiful; we don't have to be Miss whatever to be beautiful; we don't have to wear designer clothes to be beautiful; we don't have to be like celebrities to be beautiful, and we certainly do not need medicines to be slim!
All we need is getting back to the real world, where you are beautiful your own way, confident in your curvy body (and trust me, men want curves in the right places), set your own style, and have healthy nutritional habits that lead you to be fit and happy!

I know I always say I want to go to a gym because I have put on some weight recently, but that is not because I think I am horrible, and super fat...but just because I realize my body and metabolism change with age, and I want to be fit in a way that also helps my heart, lungs and muscles keep me diseases-free for at least most of my life!

Boycott all stereotypes, and see how your life will change for the better.

I hope you will think about this, and you're surely free to have your say on the topic.
I'm very curious to know what you girls in the make-up community think about it.



  1. The perceptions have certainly screwed up society throughout the world! I would agree that the best thing is to love your body as an individual and treat it with the best health that you can! :)

    I like this post...thinking I might look at how Miss America has changed over the years...

  2. Yeah, if you make your own post, I'd be very curious to see how it has changed in the States too...

  3. You have been tagged for a blog award in my blog!