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Thursday, September 17, 2009

London calling...

...is not just a popular song by The Clash, but also what's going on in my life :)

I have just booked my tickets, and I will be in London from Oct, 10th to Oct, 15th.

Does anyone have suggestions for nice and cheap hostels? I'm looking for a 6 mixed room ensuite. I am currently keeping my eye on the Astor Quest hostel in Bayswater - never been to that area of the city, is it safe?

Also if anyone wants to meet up, I'd be more than glad to!
Of course, we are a group of students on a budget, but shopping for make-up and clothes is a must-do in London! Weeee can't wait!!!


PS: I will also have my trial fitboxe class next week. Has anyone ever done fitboxe? Is it as good as it seems?


  1. I don't have any suggestions but try hostelworld and hostelbookers- we used them loads when interrailing round Europe!xxx

  2. My only suggestion is: leave some space in your suitcase! And that's not so that you can fill it with your shopping loot, it's for me to squeeze into!! I want to go to London soooo much!!! As for fitboxe, I've tried it and it is really good as well as fun (the next day you'll have a few problems walking, but your buttocks will thank you in the end!!), though my fave was (note the past - it's been years since I've seen the inside of a gym!!) body pump!
    Anna x

  3. Yeaaaah I can't wait to be back there! Superdrug *drools*, Dorothy Perkins *drools*, Accessorize *drools*, Primark *drools*, The Camden market *drools*, MAC pro stores *drools*, the National Gallery *drools*, the Tate Gallery *drools* and those wild pubs ahahahhahha. I heart London!

    mhm buttocks will thank me....cool so fitboxe it is!!! I haven't been in a gym in more than 10 years...go figure!