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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sorry I couldn't find a better video. There is no official video for the speech yet (although there are plenty of opposition videos).
This is the best school speech an American president has ever given so far (well, isn't he the best American president so far, afterall?!). It is brilliant, there is nothing wrong with it, no hidden agenda, no propaganda...it is right! America needs every kid's intelligence to finally make that change! To stop giving that false hope called "American dream", to stop taking over every country in the world by the false motive of "saving it" (from what? from its natural evolution?!), to stop being the nation it has sadly become over the past decades.
And I am so astonished at how DUMB can some Americans be. "spending public money for a socialist speech"...how is this a socialist speech? This is called giving kids MOTIVATION, a damn good one, and a right to every human being to know why they should fight ignorance. And take responsability for your work (because being in school when you should be, is a kid's work) and your own education.

And how can this be considered "indoctrinating"? We only wish our President, or Prime Minister, or the School and University Minister asked us for ways to improve our schools, instead of driving them to decay, ruin the system, and leaving us all unemployed.
We hate them, because they don't have their kids in public schools. They have them in private ones, where they can pay for their titles (althought they remain as ignorant as they can be) to take over all the good jobs, and still they have this indecency to claim to know what's right and what's wrong for our public schools and kids! For our education!!
So if this is indoctrinating, then I really hope I can be indoctrinated too, and that so will be my future kids.

But, you, Americans...you haven't learnt a thing from Bush, have you? Now that you have a good President, that wants to clean the economy mess, to give the opportunity to everyone to have health care, and a good education so that they can do something with their lives, and be motivated....you don't want him anymore. Maybe you enjoy being used and abused by crooked politicians...maybe you enjoy fighting wars that weren't really yours...maybe you enjoy living the American nightmare...Wake up y'all!!!

I only wish Italy had such a good and responsible President, that can save us all from our moral dictatorship...

Of course, I'm not saying that every American is dumb, but let's face it: those who criticize the good work and effort Obama's making...is! I don't mean to offend anyone personally, I am just making this little rant, because I think it's such a shame! It is only my opinion, based on objective facts!
I think that there is so much potential in the US...please, don't waste it. Please, don't be ignorant!

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