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Sunday, September 20, 2009

I absolutely love them!

Because they made a fool of everyone!
Muse were on a popular Italian tv show today, and they were forced to do a playback. Since they have dignity and pride, they decided to exchange roles and made it clear for everyone that they were forced to sing on playback instead of live.

That imbecille Simona Ventura and everyone in the studio did not even realize that. How could she possibly claim she has a music culture? Just cos she's been an X-Factor judge for two years?
OOOh please...

Anyways I could watch this over, and over again. It's cracking laughters! I love them! BOOOOO Italian TV, booooooooooooooo!!!!


  1. Haha brill! Showed my bf as he loves Muse and he has posted it on Facebook :) x

  2. It's sooo cool!!!! I never watch Simona Ventura, 'cause I can't stand o look at her face, but I wish I'd seen this...it's too funnt!! Muse are one of my fave groups ever!!! And Matt Bellamy actually lives in Como (with his girlfriend...sigh!)
    Anna x

  3. that is excellent! How on earth did the shows producers not realise or do you think they did but it was better than having them not play atall? x

  4. That's class! I've seen a few bands do this kinda thing, and damn right! Playback SUCKS!

  5. @Anna: really...so you like...hear him play from time to time, or meet him at the supermarket? cool! ehehe

    @Miss H, I think they did realize it, but the show is broadcast live, so there was not much they could do about it, although the host of the show didn't realize anything, because she took a bass for a guitar and thought the drummer was Matt... I don't know, she's just so ignorant! And she's the one who invited them!!!