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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Italian make-up collections for fall '09/'10

Hello lovelies,
I jumped into Linea Bellezza today because I needed a new sharpener for my pencils (by the way, I highly recommend the Revlon one...my pencils look like they're new!!!), and I stopped a while longer to scrutinize the new collections from Italian brands.

So basically this fall is all about colors that are on the colder side, whether they are pale or dark (because these seems to be the two alternatives for the season).

The three Italian brands I have taken into consideration are Pupa, Deborah, and Collistar, because you can get Armani, D&G and other brands on counters of Dept. stores all over the world, so there is no point in talking about them at all. They're no news!

Of the three, the only one that left me a little disappointed was Pupa. Pretty much because they haven't launched anything that is really "new".

Pupa's new collection is called "Visionary Wood", and claims to be a collection for women who choose dusty grey and green tones for a sophisticated look (take a look at the products here).
Overall, this collection is a big "turn off", as the vast majority of the products were already available in the permanent line. They're just paler versions, and surely nothing you couldn't "tone down" on your own. The only two new products are their white "eyelighter" (white eye pencil for your water line and brow bone), and a grey version of their best selling mascara, Diva's Lashes.

Collistar has also launched its fall/winter collection, called "Couture". The English version for their site is up, so you can get detailled information by clicking here.
Couture is based on purple, grey, kahki, navy blue colors, and everything is on the shimmery or glittery side.
Must haves from this collection: the purple pencil, the three silk effect eyeshadows; the smokey patchwork eyeshadow, and the purple and grey glittery lipglosses. Yes, you heard it: GREY lipgloss! Great quality, awesome packaging, but even more expensive than Pupa, so if you're a student on a budget...wait until your scholarship is into your account! ;)

I have saved the best for last. Deborah, the cheapest of the three brands, is the one that came up with the most brilliant cheaper alternative to MAC's Style Black collection! Their collection is called "the 80's are back!" (although I really think this has more to do with early 90's...at least for as much as I can recall of my childhood)
Products are not up on their site yet, but I have managed to get some shots from ads, courtesy of "sfilate.it":

The eye pencil, eyeshadow duo's, and black lipgloss are limited edition.
The other items are going to be in the permanent line, or were there already. The Definitive Volume&Curl mascara is currently on offer in Limoni stores, and is being sold for less than €9,00 (its retail price is €11,20)
Of course, the black lipgloss is the main item in the collection. I couldn't help, but swatch it in the store and it does what it claims. It is really scary, but it may come handy at halloween or carnival, eheheh. But it really is a cheaper alternative to the MAC one, and I really didn't think any Italian brand would dare launching such a product!
It retails for €9,50, although you can buy that for less in Limoni stores.

So this is what is being launched in Italy for the moment. I really hope there is more to follow, although I am planning on leaving my 2009 make-up purchases for when I go to (cheaper) London.

If anyone's interested in these items and is not able to get their mitts on them, feel free to tell me....



  1. Hey, thanks for your comment :) It sucks when people follow merely for the giveaway prizes, I've had people unfollow me after my contests too..

    Oh well its only a number at the end of the day..I'd rather have a small number of followers who enjoy and comment on my posts that a large number who don't :D xx

  2. Deborah's collection is certainly interesting. I could never wear a black lip colour, but the idea is fun :-)

  3. Neither could I, to be honest. It is something for goth chicks, or Halloween, or Carnival....may come handy for creative photoshoots too, but other than that, it is just something that sits on your shelf as a "collector's item". So is the grey lipgloss by Collistar, but grey is even more original, because black has already been "covered".

    The purple glittery lipgloss is awesome though!

  4. Those look fabulous! I love that its a similar version to style black... Cheaper better! Yay! I love the promo image :)