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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog award: I think you are an awesome girl

I have been tagged by the beautiful Catanya, at Catanya's Things for this blog award :)

For this award I have to tell you 10 random facts about me, and tag 10 blogs that I like to read.

1. I have never smoked a sigarette in my whole life, and I intend to keep it up.

2. I am very intransigent when it comes to culture. I don't think that everyone should go to university, but at least finish their high school years, and know the basics. Ignorance is no bliss, it is the decay of society.

3. I have decided to boycott all fast foods, for many good reasons, the first one being health. Nevertheless, I eat tons of chocolate and I love pizza...and need to get back to my healthy nutritional habits.

4. I am a good cook, I can cook yummy vegetables (yes, vegetables can be yummy if you know how to cook them and make them tasty), quiches, risotto's, sauces, but I need to improve on the meat cooking. :)

5. I love paintings. I used to paint on everything, including canvas when I was a little girl. I was also selected at school to paint big replicas of famous paintings on the walls of the corridors, and in the teachers' room. I quit painting after some time in high school, and I regret it. I took up make-up though ahahahhah...and history of arts!

6. I am a rock chick. I listen to lots of songs, but I am very very picky, and my music tastes are generally shared with men rather than women. Probably because I was raised with males? Oh I don't just like rock, music has no boundaries, but I do prefer rock and classic rock.

7. I used to sing in a gospel choir. I know that it doesn't fit with rock music, but it helps you understand how to modulate your voice, and I just happen to be better at that kind of singing.

8. I hate the Italian government with a vengeance. I am not an anarchist, but I am certainly a rebel with a damn good cause!

9. I love Harry Potter movies.

10. I am sure I am deeply in love with my current boyfriend. And he's in love with me, "and I feeeel fiiiiine" (quoting The Beatles here).

So for this award I tag:

Emma @ birds decorate branches
Nicola @ F.A.B. by Nicola
Anna @ Italian Beauty Blog
Michelle @ Lipstick Rules
Louise @ Lou Lou Land!
Tacky Blue Eyeshadow
Jess @ Ohh...pretty!
Alice @ Paper Heart
Sara @ The Makeup Snob

Sorry I could not write messages to you telling that I tagged you, but I need to get out the house now :)

Thanks Catanya, for this award. It's nice to read facts about everyone!


  1. Thank you so much Lyd! This is my first tag ever, so it's really special to me!! And I agree with most of the things you said, especially number 8 and number 6! Thanks again!
    Anna x

  2. Thank you so much for the tag!! i appreicate it! I love knowing all the new stuff about you! These are so much fun!!