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Thursday, November 12, 2009

fun mix of question tag

the lovely xshakespeareandstilettosx has started a tag, and I am giving my answers.

1. if you could only keep two of your 5 senses (sight, hearing,touch,smell and taste) which would you keep?
Definitely my sight, and then I'd be undecided between my hearing (I love music just too much), and touch (I couldn't live without my boyfriend's cuddles)

2. which celebrity's wardobe would you love to inherit?
I detest celebrities gossips so I have no idea of what they have in their closet...
However, I'd love to have all of those amazing clothes on Gossip Girl

3.have you ever lost your credit/debit/bank card?
pheeeew no, never!

4.favourite food/cuisine?
Of course, ITALIAN (face it, it's the best!). However I love Mexican and Greek food too.
I absolutely cannot force myself to like Chinese food or Japanese (because I don't eat fish or seafood). I am sorry, Chinese or Japanese people. I love you, nevertheless!!!

5.big nights out or chilled nights in?
Because I am more likely to have chilled nights in, I'd choose big nights out! ;)
Sometimes I do enjoy those "one too many drinks" and "shaking what mama gave me" :P

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