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Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 variations of smokey eye

I apologize in advance if all of these pictures look different. My camera has a very bad white balance so it picks up every little light particle and reflects light. Horrible. I can never get a decent picture as I always use shimmery colors.
Ironically it seem not to pick up glitters, or rather, to uniform them all in a big light :S

Anyhoo...the first set of pictures is from the brown smokey eye made entirely with Sleek products (apart from mascara), and the second one is a black/glittery smokey eye using UD BOSvolII

Ok so for this look, I used:
Sleek Storm palette
- 1st color on the left, top row all over the lid;
- the matte brown on the bottom row on the outer V corner;
- the 1st color on the bottom row blended on the upperlashline, on the crease and lower lashline;
- the 3rd color on the bottom row on the lower lashline, and blended on the outer corner slightly;
- the matte black smudged on the eyeliner;
- the 2nd color on the top row on the inner corner and on the brow bone for highlighting.

Sleek Ink for Eyes gel liner in Dominatrix (black)

Pupa Diva's Lashes mascara

e.l.f. brow kit in medium (oh by the way, I can't seem to control my eyebrows and lashes these days, it's a curse. Please bear with me.)

Now for the black smokey look

The first one is the only picture where you can actually see a little bit of the glitters! Grr I hate my camera!!! Can anyone buy me a decent camera for Christmas? LOL

Products I used:
From the Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol II:
- Perversion (matte black) all over the lid and following the shape of my eye on the crease;
I took a blending brush (Sigma SS224) and blended the color on the crease, going upwards but not too much;
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again all over the eye and as the highlighter. It softened the black color, and put on pretty sparkles and glitters all over the eye. Eventhough you can't see it :(

OK, sorry for this long and picture heavy post :)


  1. I love them both. We have similar eye colours so I will be invesigating these products. Thanks :) Emma

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous as always Lyd! I wish I had your skill in doing smoky eyes! UD BOS II, you're mine!!! In Sardegna verrò l'estate prossima, sigh! xx