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Monday, November 16, 2009

It's all about me tag

Now I haven't been tagged for this, but I wanted to post something else and I couldn't, as my connection today is UTTER CRAP, and does not allow me to use picnik.com to crop pics etc.
So I found this on abbzzw's blog and thought I would give it a go:

Vital Statistics
Me: Lydia (although I am forced to be Lidia on documents, as the registry office clerk was a big ignorant and "Italianized" the name when I was born)
Nicknames: Li' for Italians, Lyd for my foreign friends.
Birthday: January, 10th
Place of Birth: Ozieri, SS - I know you have no idea where that is. I was only born there, and only been there for my brother's birth. Never ever again in my life. It's tiny.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, if you believe in such things
Male or Female: What do you think?! -_-
Occupation: post-grad student, free-lance translator, EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in the summer.
Residence: Sardinia, the island where you can find sun, pristine beaches and wild nature, hella good food, friendly people and the gene of longevity (no kidding, it is scientifically proven!)
Screen Name: Alice in Wonderland on msn

Hair Colour: Brunette (not so dark though, I was a blondie as a baby)
Hair Length: Way past my shoulders
Eye colour: Bluish-greysh-green eyes...they are weird, and change every day.
Best Feature: Eyes maybe?
Height: 5'6'' I think...1,74 in meters.
Braces?: Not anymore, but I should wear them again!
Glasses?: Defo! I'm both short sighted and astigmatic (in other words I can even see past my nose) I wear contacts to go out though.
Piercing: regular in ears, and nose.
Tattoos: I do not like tattoos
Righty or Lefty: Righty!

Your 'Firsts'
First best friend: Dario and Alberto. Yes, that's two males. I was a tomboy
First Award: I was 2nd for pole-vault at the youths athletic games in my elementary school
First Sport You Joined: Gymnastics. I was forced by my father as usual. I wanted to dance.
First Real Vacation: I think it was in Corsica (a French island)
First Concert: local band called Tazenda. They were huge over hear and made it to be big in the rest of Italy. I was only a kid
First Love: I erased my past loves when I met my current boyfriend, but I'll mention I thought I was in love with some kid name Marco when I was in elementary school.

Movie: I love too many. Most of them are ghetto/mafia stories, or thrillers, or sad things
TV Show: too many again! Lost, Prison Break, Weeds (eventhough the last season really lost its mojo), Gossip Girl, The secret life of the American teenager, Family Guy is awesome, the Simpsons, House, ER, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory is hilarious....as you can see I'm a tv series junkie. so much so I am writing my final thesis on the translation of those
Colours: I love them all!
Song: I have too many! Mostly they're all from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Incubus...but I really have too many!
Candy: not a big candy fan. I love chocolate though.
Restaurant: I do not eat in fast food restaurant, I boycott them.
Store: Max&Co.
School: you mean university, by now, don't you? ahaha
Book: I have three: Se questo è un uomo (if this is a man) by Primo Levi, Il fu Mattia Pascal (the late Mattia Pascal) by Luigi Pirandello and Wait until spring Bandini, by John Fante
Magazine: I don't read magazines. I only read newspapers, and not even everyday.
ballerina shoes!

Feeling: Loved by my boyfriend
Single or Taken: Taken (happily)
Eating: nothing
Typing: what do you think?
Online: again...
Listening To: the silence (or my fingers pressing on the keyboard's buttons)
Thinking About: Domenico ♥
Wanting: to speed up my studies
Watching: nothing really
Wearing: PJ's . I am inside my bed

Want Children?: I think so, eventhough I'm scared
Want to be Married: Eventhough I do not believe in the church, I do believe in it as an institution so yes, marriage for me one day.
Careers in Mind: I won't say it until I come close to it.
Where do you want to live?: I don't know. Sardinia is a good place to live your life, but I can't see myself not travelling often to escape the routiny life.

Have you ever..
Kissed a Stranger: every teenager has kissed a stranger. well everyone who had sense of adventure.
Had Alcohol: ahahhahahahahahahah...far too many times
Smoked: Never ever and I am proud of that
Ran Away From Home: Contemplated it a lot of times, but never really did

Broken a bone: Yes!
Got an X-ray: plenty at the dentist!
Broken Someone's Heart: Love is like that
Broke Up With Someone: I am glad I did!
Cried When Someone Died: Of course.
Cried At School: Not really glad I did.

Do You Believe In..
God: I am an agnostic (going to atheism slowly), however I respect the concept of God more than any church, and I do respect people's beliefs.
Miracles: No. Just in good unexpected news.
Love At First sight: mhm don't know. maybe intense attraction at first sight
Ghosts: No
Aliens: don't know. if they exist they're not the mosters they show on tv
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: agnostic, remember? "Above us only sky" (John Lennon)
Hell: "no hell below us" (John Lennon)
Kissing on The First Date: If it feels right, but I think it's worth waiting. My boyfriend had to wait until the tenth date to steal a kiss from me. ahahah it was well worth it though!
Yourself: sometimes


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