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Friday, November 27, 2009


Welcome to my blog sale.
I know many of you will hesitate because they have no familiarity whatsoever with some brands, but I guarantee Pupa is a very good quality brand (even Stephanie, from The Lip Print reviewed Pupa, and she loves it. Knowing that the brand is ridiculously expensive outside Italy, I'm giving you a chance to grab it for a very small price!).

Reasons why I am selling this stuff:
-long story short is
1. My auntie was diagnosed with a brain tumor so
2. I do not really want to ask my family money because I think they need to save it for this situation, however
3. I have to write my MA thesis, which requires a big effort in terms of research and therefore I MUST BUY LOTS OF BOOKS
4. those books are very rare, therefore very expensive, and
5. bureaucracy is preventing my regional institution for educational rights to release our scholarships, so I don't know when I am going to see my money, money I need, and by the way
6. it's not really a big amount either.

So this is why I am selling my "extra stuff". I will collect more items when I go back to my parents' house if this sale goes well.
I will also sale shoes and clothes on ebay, but I will do a separate post on that.
Please, if you are not interested in the items at least help me spread the word.
Clearly, my situation at the moment is not one of the brightest, eventhough I try to keep a smile on my face and have positive thoughts, and focus on my studies.


1. Each item is labelled with its name and information, and has a "price tag" underneath.
Photos can all be enlarged if you click on them.

2. P&P to Italy is € 1,90 per item (30 - 50 grams), of course, combined shipping is offered, but the amount depends on the weight also. I will calculate it and let you know by the time I send you the invoice;

2. P&P to the rest of Europe is €3,20 per item. Again combined shipping is offered, and I will calculate it and let you know by the time I send the invoice;

3. Leave a comment with the item number, where you are from, and your paypal address, so that I can send you the invoice;

4. Paypal is the only method of payment accepted;

5. First come, first served, but if items aren't paid for in 12 hours (bear with me, I'm a first timer), it will go the next person who asked, so leave a message anyway, eventhough someone else wanted it.

6. Only European addresses please. I don't really want to go through customs right now. I don't need other worries in my life eeheh....

All items are barely used, unless differently stated, and they have been sanitized well.
However, if you want further sanitanization, that is up to you.

Sorry, I own no MAC things, so this is not the usual sale you're used to, but at least you'll have original items (always look at the bright side!).
Prices are all in euros, which means that if you're buying from the UK the rate exchange is extremely favorable to you! (Bargain alert!)

Thanks for coping with the boring bureaucratic stuff, now on to the fun stuff:

1. Pupa La Pochette make-up kit:
contains 4 shimmery eyeshadows, 1 shimmery translucent powder (lovely highlighter too), 3 lipglosses, 1 little comb, 1 mini black eyeliner pencil, 2 sponge applicators ( I didn't realize one was not pictured) - only lipglosses show slight usage (through a brush, so I will sanitize them)
retailed for € 18,oo - selling it for € 5,00!

2. Revlon Quad with neutrals and browns
Lovely, especially the first two shades. Colors go a long way.
80% left of every shadow. Will sanitize brush fully well.
€ 5,00

3. Pupa Limited Edition Eyelash Primer
used three times! Great primer, but I'm now using a lash serum, so I don't need it
retailed for € 24,00 - selling it for € 10,00

4. Pupa Diva's Lashes black mascara
volumizing. 80% left.
€ 5,00

see details below

5. Pupa Limited Edition matte eyeshadow.
Lovely navy shade (see my first UD inspired post to see it in action)
Lovely matte eyeshadow, which incredibly never seems to crease. But I have dupes, as usual
Will sanitize the applicator, which I only tried for swatching.
Used three times (you can see it's almost new)
Retailed for € 15,00 - selling it for € 6,00

see details below

6. Pupa Polvere di Luce pigment in Copper.
LOVELY!!! unfortunately the original package broke, so I had to place it into this no name thingy.
For this reason, eventhough its price was € 16,00 I am selling it for € 4, 50

7. Clinique Stay-True makeup oil-free foundation shade: staysable (medium tone)
95% left
this foundation is for oily, very oily or oily to combination skins!
(you've been warned, so if you're a dry skin and buy this, don't blame it on me ahah)
Retails for € 27,00 - selling it for € 15,00!

see details below

8. Valentina D pure pigment
The swatch does not really do it justice. it's a lovely light soft gold/yellow
€ 4,00

9. Valentina D pure pigment
lovely lilac pigment. so full of sparkles!
€ 4,00

swatch with my crappy camera

thanks for looking/buying
have fun!

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  1. ciao bella - mi interessono tanto il trucco a forse io faccio una comprata hahahaha.. im in the states though- will you do business with me?? i know the exchange rates :]

    alora grazie di rispondere e buona fortuna con tutte l'esame :]

    btw pensi di fare delle video sul youtube?? i think you would have a great success