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Monday, November 2, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol. II - review and swatches

[image courtesy of Google search ahah]

If you are on a make-up ban and wondering if you should or shouldn't buy this baby, I'll answer for you:
you NEED this baby!
I got this in London, and as soon as I swatched those lovely colors I knew that it was one of the most intelligent purchases of all time (make-up-wise).
These eyeshadows are so creamy and long lasting, even when you don't use a primer underneath!!!
Some of them are matte colors, but the vast majority are shimmer, which everyone loves. Some of the shimmery ones are also glittery (like Gunmental, Sphynx, Nylon, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again...)
All of them are lovely, and you can really choose a wide range of colors for your looks.
You can either wear one shade alone, or mix and match them. The result will always be stunning, as the color payoff is fantastic!
Plus, the palette comes with 2 travel size 24/7 glide-on pencils in Zero (Black) and Bourbon (brown) and a little travel size Primer Potion. And a lovely inspirational look book!
You are all familiar with these last three items by now, so I didn't need to swatch. I will just add that I was impressed by the softness of the eye pencils, and the fact that they did not smudge for 24 hours (I was also wearing UDPP) on my last day the UK (I had to sleep at the airport).
The eyeshadows did not crease for 24 hours with Primer Potion underneath.

And, if you're not yet convinced, I will say this:
it retails for £ 27,00, and is a GREAT value for the money!
You will be covered for ages with this palette, so those 27 pounds will be more than justified!
Come on, for 16 eyeshadows, two pencils and a UDPP it is "cheap"!
I paid a little more than 27 on an Elizabeth Arden palette which only contained 5 eyeshadows!!! (and I really didn't need it, although it's lovely)

No, Urban Decay didn't hire me or paid me to say all these good things ahah...
It's just that the Book of Shadows II is my new love!

Guys (rather, girls!) at Urban Decay, if you read this: PLEASE START SHIPPING TO ITALY!

Now, on to the swatches:

Perversion (matte - exclusive), Gunmental (shimmer with glitters), Ecstasy(Shimmer) , AC/DC(shimmer - exclusive), Nylon (shimmer with sparkles - exclusive), Sellout (shimmer - I love it!), Mushroom (shimmer - exclusive), Sphynx (shimmer with colorful glitters - exclusive)

Half Baked (shimmer), Twice Baked (kind of matte, but very pigmented), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (this is kind of a chunky glittery one. Everyone tends to hate it, I don't. Applied on its own it's weird, like I said...chunk of glitters. However, if you apply it over other shades, it makes everything wonderful. I tried it over Perversion and you can get a wonderful glittery smokey eye for a clubbing night like that!!! I'll do a an EOTN post on that), YDK (shimmery), Jinx (shimmer - exclusive), Flipside (shimmer), Homegrown (shimmer - exclusive - lovely!), Misdemeanor (this is kind of a matte with sparkles, I know it sounds weird. The color itself is. But it's nice. However, I find that PP changes its color!)

I know this review has been long, but I wanted to be accurate. Most of it is pictures anyways.
Has anybody else got this palette? What do you think of it?


  1. This tops my shopping list, I already have volume I but it feels quite lonely...;) Ti devo ancora scrivere una mail riguardo a Londra, comunque non ci sono problemi, cercherò ti scovare tutto quello che mi hai chiesto! Andrò dal 24 al 28, quale superdrug mi consigli in particolare (so che avevi fatto la lista, dimmene uno così non sbaglio! Sarò in giro col mio bimbo e non posso fare km!)?? Baci! xx

  2. This is on my wish list! I'm so sad you didn't get the package I sent with the Baked Palette :-(

  3. great swatches! I want this palette badly :D

  4. Lyd the package came back to me so I can reship to you! Email me!!

  5. Arghhh i don't know whether i should get this because it's so glittery!!!!!! :X but i'm so tempted to because it'll be my first UD eyeshadow!!! :)