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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

on skincare.

If you have dry to combination skin like me, you're probably always in search for the right products to stop those sudden breakouts, or hide those visible pores, and at the same time not to make the rest of your face flacky.

I have been trying out things for years, believe me. Nothing worked amazingly for me.
Now, I think I found the right product!

I have been testing out the Clinique's 3-steps routine for a while now, and I have decided that I hate their moisturizer. That Dramatically Different Lotion ruins everything the first two products do! It's way too oily, and makes my pores visible again, or even break me out!

The cleanser, however, is excellent.
The toner is a very good product too. My only problem with it, it's the smell: too alcohol-like.

The key product for my skincare routine, though, is moisturizer: Vichy's Normaderm.
This is the best moisturizer ever, and I will keep on repurchasing it! It does not makes my skin flacky, but it helps minimizing those pores from first application (believe me!), and it helps you get rid of those little imperfections that you hate. I had tiny hard pimples on my chin that I couldn't fight with any product...and Normaderm took them off completely!
Also, it evens out your skin color, so if you have red spots on your cheeks or anywhere else, you'd notice the change when you apply the moisturizer.

It is great!!! I'd say that any other product can change, and that I can also use a minimal routine composed of a cleanser (it can also be the cheap Nivea Oxygen one!) and Normaderm, and you still get the results!

There is also a version of this moisturizer for oily skins, and a serum that helps you fight spots if you have acne, so you can make it suitable for your skin needs.

I definitely recommend you try Vichy's Normaderm if you have my same type of skin.
It is also an excellent base for your makeup, as it turns your face into a smooth canvas to work on, and I also love its soft smell.

Of course, this may not work on you as well as it worked on me, because skins respond to ingredients in different ways, but if your skin is exactly like mine, I'm convinced it will work.

Have a nice day, beauties!


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  1. Heya Lyd,

    Lovely post hon. I'll have to check out that moisturizer sometime then for Combination skin.

    Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend!