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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

L'Orèal lash serum, week 1

Since I don't want to be seeing things with this, I want to ask you:
Do you see any change?
Am I crazy of my lashes seem sparser?


  1. i keep looking at both pictures and there is a slight difference, they look shinier on the most recent picture but slighty sparse, but it could be the lighting on the picture!
    Keep at it, see what the picture in a week looks like, that should tell the most!

    I'm gonna carry on reading your blog about this and see what you think after a month before i buy it hee hee!

    Cute Blog!

    Follow mine ...

    x <3 x

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  3. hey hun,
    i just saw a review about the l'oreal lash serum thing from one of the girls im subscribed to on youtube. check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKnJQUa8qC4
    hope its helpful! x x x

  4. I see a difference. They look more full. measuring from the lid to the end of the lashes..looks like it worked to me!

  5. I do see a difference! Oh gosh I am definitely going to get some of this :)


  6. I don't think they look more sparse, maybe it's the lighting? can't wait to see long term results with this :D

  7. After treatment, it actually looks a tad longer and shinier! =) It looks thicker too...not sparse, just thicker.