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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sigma Makeup brushes review

These are my new babies! Yes, some weeks ago, I finally decided to jump the bandwagon and order some brushes from Sigma Makeup.
I wondered for months and months whether I should invest on them or not, watching video after video, reading the reviews I could find on some blogs, then I made up my mind!
I have to say, I am so glad I did! Make-up becomes so much better when you have the proper brushes!

I got the "Face and Eye Kit", which contains 6 brushes + a travel size one as a gift.
Three of the brushes are face brushes and they are the first three in the picture:

1. SS182 --> it's a kabuki brush, with natural bristles (poor animals, I know!) ideal for the application of mineral foundation or any pressed or loose powder. It is lovely for buffering and blending blush. It is super soft! I swear, it is the softest thing ever! I love it. All of my friends want to steal this brush just to "massage" their faces! LOL

2. SS187 --> the so-called "duo fiber" brush. A blend of natural and synthetic bristles. It is designed to give an "airbrushed" effect, and to be used with liquid foundations (or even those cheek tints that have a liquid formulation). Does it really gives the airbrushed effect? Well, I don't know, my skin is not perfect, but I do notice that my foundation is impeccable when I use the brush. And the feeling you get is lovely because this brush too is supersoft!
Sigma says that you can use this brush for blushers and highlighters too, although I haven't tried it yet as I think its shape will provide that "strong thick blush line" effect that is so 80's and is definitely not for every make-up. I will go wild with that for carnival, or when I feel like doing some creative fotd's! The only downside for this brush is that at the first 2 usages it sheaded like crazy! But I guess that is my fault because I had forgotten to wash it before the first use!

3. SS150 --> powder brush with natural bristles. Again, the brush is supersoft! I use it for blush every day and it feels great. it is very very dense and has a rounded top! I don't use translucent powders, but I think this would be great for that, and for bronzers! It blends very very well.

The rest of the brushes are all eyeshadow brushes, and I love them a lot, because I am an eyeshadow junkie!

4. SS239 --> rounded top eyeshadow brush, ideal for patting the color intensely on the lid. It is soft yet stiff enough to grab a lot of eyeshadow. Comparing it to my previous brush, I can say that you don't need to put incredible amounts of color on the lid to obtain a intense finish.

5. SS219 --> pencil brush, made with natural bristles. Ideal for the crease or to use on the lower lashline.

6. SS224 --> blending brush with natural bristles. It has a rounded and tappered top, and it is supersoft. It allows you to blend like crazy on the eyes! I love this brush, it is a must-have, even when you have to blend one only color!

7. SS217 --> this is another blending eyeshadow brush. The shape of this brush is a little different from the previous one, but this is also a great brush! Plus it's a travel size and I can bring it everywhere with me!

In case you haven't noticed, the Sigma brushes have the same numbers as the MAC ones.
However, they are much cheaper! I got this kit for $49,00, so they are a great value for the money!
They are high quality brushes, not only for their bristles (they are all oh so soft!) but also for the ferrules and the wood handles, which are very sturdy and have the right circumference to balance the weight of the brush for a perfect application!

I encourage you to invest in these brushes. Getting a kit makes you save more money, then buying the single brushes. Shipping was very fast also (the company is based in the US), and they always reply any mail enquiry even about the shipping!

Great company, I can't wait until their makeup line will be available (the ads are so nice!!!).

Have you tried these brushes? What do you think of them? Do you have any special tips?


  1. I have also gone back and forward between wanting to get these and not wanting to.

    I love makeup but not enough to justify paying big $$ for MAC brushes and the Sigma brushes sound like they are great quality and most of the reviews have been great!

    Thanks for the review :)

  2. I am already thinking of purchasing it but not now since most of the packages that i am expecting from US has still not arrive.

    I don't want the customs to go about charging me hundreds of bucks for this. But this is already on my brushes-to-try list. As soon as i got all of them, im gonna buy this asap! XD

    In my case i actually use a flat top brush in applying my blush because i find that it stays on better me using a blush brush. I guess it's because based on the design, i get to press the blush better compare to blush brush that we sweep it on the face.

    If im going to buy a stippling brush im also gonna mainly use it as a blush brush since it can create a soft glow without the in-your-face color.

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  4. I'm thinking about getting these as they look great! I've tagged you btw, check out my blog x

  5. Thanks for this review, I found it really interesting. I have a few Mac brushes, but they are so expensive. These are better price wise but I'd be interested to know how they last. (new follower btw!)
    Emma :)

  6. I always wntd to get sigma brushes but their shipping is pricey :S

  7. Where did you ordered them from? Thank you <3.