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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good girl gone bad

I did it again. I entered a beauty store to get my moisturizer and my labello (or nivea, however you call it in your country) lip balm.
I got out with a Rimmel lipstick in Coral Chic, its lipliner, my new Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara in intense black this time, and the L'Orèal lash serum. Will this work?
Let's start the challange.
I will post an update picture each week. It is supposed to work in 4 weeks.

I should be stopped.

The serum works overnight. You have to use the point of the applicator to put it carefully on the root of your lashes and then work the way up to the tip.
It appears to be sticky at first, but then it dries out and you won't even feel it.

Hopefully it won't have side effects on my lashes :S

Has anyone tried this product? If so, what are your opinions?


  1. Hey Lydia! We have the same name :P
    that product seems promicing!Can't wait to see if it really works!

  2. omgosh, tell me how it goes! i've never seen that lash serum here in the US, but maybe i just haven't been looking hard enough. and i always walk out with 18387 things whenever i'm in a drugstore too, lol. love your blog! =)

  3. I never walk out of a store without more than what I went in there for!

    I am too scared to try any kind of lash growth product plus my lashes are already pretty long. Will be interesting to know what you think though!!

  4. Wow I hope the lash serum works!!!! And your lashes look so full already!! :)

  5. lyd you should be stopped!!! :) its so hard to resist buying makeup! i had been good for the past 2 weeks and then i bought nailpolishes(after lying to myself that it doesn't count)
    anyway we do have to meet up next time you're in london :)x x x

  6. Great haul! I have the Sexy Curves mascara, it's OK. I've read good things about the serum, too, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! =)

  7. good luck with the lash growth!

    PS i just got your comments about sending packages to italy, ugh i am so sorry that happened to you! it's unbelievable to control shippments, especially because girls - no matter where - love their COSMETICS!

    i hope you get your package soon nevertheless

  8. oooo i'll have to keep an eye out on what you think as ive been thinking of getting this for a while but havent heard any reviews on it!

    Cute blog!

    Have a look at mine!

    x <3 x