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Monday, November 9, 2009

little update

I am finally done with my Arabic exam! What a relief! I tried to take it 3 times, this has never happened in my entire academic career! I usually make it quick and painless, but this...has been my nightmare!
Mainly because the only Italian-Arabic grammar is from 1936, so you can picture what's in there. Useless phrases. Plus the excercises were written in very very small characters that makes it hard to distinguish Arabic letters one from the other.
However, I did learn wonderful things about Islàm, culture in Muslim countries, about the life of the Prophet (Muhammad), and about the literature.
Now I can think about my last exam, before start working on the thesis for my MA in Euroamerican Languages and Literatures (I know you're saying, and where do Arabic fits in that Euroamerican? hell if I know. "My" languages are really English, French and Spanish...)

I have recently took a look at my bank account, and decided to start a Project 10 Pan or something. I really have to stop with this make-up addiction!
Have you ever had dreams where make-up was somehow involved? I have, lately, and this is where I start to draw a line. I think I am seriously addicted.
I try to steer clear of make-up stores. I have a huge collection anyway, I really do not need anything. Really! The only things I have ever finished are shampoos, bottles of foundation, and mascaras. Oh and black eye pencils and labello lipbalm. That's it. I have never seen a hole on my eyeshadows.
Probably on lipglosses when I was a teenager. When I had no money to buy make-up and I had to wait for Christmas or my birthday to get some of it.
I need to stop. I need to finish some things. I think I have enough colors to cover the entire wheel of colors!!! ahah...
This is the reason why I started a "Monthly spends" section at the bottom of the page. It may help me.

That being said, I have started revisiting my make-up stash, and today I re-discovered my Clarins Nature Temptation palette. I had my exam so I did not want to have extra shimmer on my eyes, and I needed something subtle, yet elegant and glowing. Mission accomplished with the light colors in this palette and the wine color blended from the crease up. Lovely. I have been wearing this make-up for more than 12 hourse, and only after that it has started to crease.
So do I really need more make-up? Again, no!
But I do suggest you try some Clarins products, especially the eyeshadows, if you can spend some money. They are gorgeous. Absolutely elegant and perfect! I do not regret buying that palette!

Also, I will soon post my review of a Soap and Glory product I got in London: The Fab Pore mask. I know there are some reviews already, but I wanted to share my thoughts on that with you. Also having more opinions to check before you buy, always helps! :) No spoilers for now eheeh..

Well I'm off to some bed-time reading!
Goodnight everyone!

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  1. congrats on getting your exam done with. Your MA course sounds amazing- so great that youre so multi lingual and i love literature too!
    anyway im totally joining you with the monthly spends idea (such a good idea)& project 10 pan too since itll make me think about whether i really need the stuff i buy since ill have to post it. I need to stop buying so much makeup esp with how much i already have!!!!!!!! :) x