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Monday, August 10, 2009

20 questions tag

I love these things!

1. What is your favorite item of clothing?
Definitely dresses! All sorts, all colors...

2. What are your biggest obsessions?
In terms of makeup is eyeshadows. I'm a sucker for eyes thingies...

3. Who inspires you?
Many people/things inspire me: music, paintings, my boyfriend, Sam and Nicola Chapman..LOL...

4. Who is your favorite designer and why?
Max&Co. Elengant, chic, effortlessly glamourous!

5. What is your favorite song ever?
I guess it's Eleonor Rigby by the Beatles, but I have too many fave songs actually.

6. What is your favorite song right now?
Life on Mars, by David Bowie. It's been stuck in my head for a week now.

7. If you were a sweetie, what would you be?
Black liquorice, or Nutella!

8. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet - what words would you use to describe your rainbow?
Definitely purple: it's kind of a gloomy color, but some shades can be also perceived as warm. And it sort of states "there's more to me that meets the eye!"

9. What's your favorite film?
OOOh I have too many. Into the wild has become one of my faves ever, though!

10. Who's your favorite actor?
This is a hard one. I have many! Robert DeNiro, Matt Demon, Leonardo Di Caprio, Henry Ian Cusick (although he's more of a theather actor, but he's not the awesome Scottish character Desmond on Lost)... I'm not judging their beauty ehehe...

11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

12. What are your 3 favorite smells?
fresh (paradox, cos it's scorching hot) baked bread, fresh baked quiches, and the smell of romance of my boyfriend's room in Sassari.

13. What are your 3 favorite tastes?
Nutella, Quiches, and those vegetables when I cook them :D - my bf agrees -

14. What is your most treasured possession?
My computer!

15. What did you always want to do/be when you grew up?
So many things...a singer, an actress, a fashion designer, a teacher, an aeroplane pilot, a teacher, a teacher, a teacher....

16. If you were an ice-cream, what flavor would you be?

17. If someone made a short film of your life, who would play you?
mhm I don't really know....

18. What would your perfect afternoon consist of?
it's too romantic to say it here :)

19. If you were a flower, what would you be?
A cherry blossom

20. Tell me a random thing - a quote, a line from a song, book, movie...
"Happiness is only real when shared" from Into the Wild

I tag Louise, and Daisy.


  1. Wow! Mi piacerebbe fare un tag come questo, ho appena aperto il mio blog, senza pretese...ma posso auto-taggarmi? ;)
    E complimenti per il blog! Aspetto sempre i tuoi post