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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sea and Sardinia

Here are some pictures of my homeland. A place that sometimes I come to hate, but when the summer arrives, reminds me that there are so many beautiful things in life.

My love and me!

Just to show you how clear the water is.
Do you think we have something to envy the Carribeans for?
The little beach my and my boyfriend always go to. It's a tiny beach, far from the crowded ones.
At least we can enjoy the sea without all the noisy tourists :)
Small cliffs that delimit the beach, where we get sea urchins, limpets and some other fresh seafood.
Thought this lille "cave" for the fishes was cute...
My love, cleaning and eating that poor sea urchin ehehe
Don't you just love the shade of red of sea anemones?
If you look close enough at the center of the picture, there is a tiny little crab. Cute!

"This land does not resemble any other place. Sardinia is another thing: enchanting space around and distance to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive. It’s like freedom itself".
D. H. Lawrence, "Sea and Sardinia"


  1. Thats looks gorgeous - droool - very jealous

  2. Ma come siete belli! Are you talking about me when you mention "noisy tourists"??? Hahaha! Sorry I never answered you back, I'm having quite a stressful summer and my internet connection is not really great!
    Anna x

  3. the beach is so nice, water so clear, i nvr seen clean beach like tat before.

  4. Oh it looks beautiful! You and your boyf make a gorgeous couple xx

  5. That looks like a tiny little beach I went to last year on Cefalu. I'm sure it's not though!