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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tag - the list

So I've been tagged by Daisy at Cupcakes and Cherries to draw a list of 5 celebrities who I am allowed to "cheat" with.
I'm not that much into celebrities really, so I don't know where to start and won't place them in a particular order:

1. Josh Holloway

Hot, hot, hot, smoking hot! Plus I love his character on Lost,
and I've become addicted to his redneck accent
and name calling

2. Chase Crawford
Needless to say, he's just hot. No other particular talents or peculiarities...he's just awesome looking.
I prefer Chuck's character on the show, but hey...we're talking about looks here...

3. Mekhi Phifer
When he was in shape. I love his smile and cute eyes, and let's be honest, I loved his body!

4. Giampaolo Morelli
Italian actor who is the main character of the super funny tv series "L'ispettore Coliandro".
He's not really hot, but he has something that I find attractive.

5. Hunter Parrish
If you've watched that sex scene in the 4th season of Weeds, you understand.
Guy's just smoking hot...has a terrible voice though...

OK, so this is it...I tag everyone who wants to do this, because I don't know who's into celebrities and who's not. It took me 10 mins to come up with names of hotties ahahaha...I'm into movies, but not into actors ehehe...



  1. Ha, I think I shall do this! :) Check out my list!



  2. Josh Holloway - omg he is gorgeous!! My Mum is in love with him. lol.