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Monday, August 31, 2009

They only want me for my body, they say...

What are you thinking about, you naughties? ;)
I was only sent a little box full of Anatomicals goodies to try and review, from the lovely Paul. I couldn't imagine they would have been so generous!
Here is what I was sent:From the top row, clockwise:
Farewell the scarlet pimplehell - deep cleansing mud mask - x2
That's when I fell for the leader of the (hair) pack - deep conditioning hair pack - x2
Eye cream, you scream, we all scream for eye cream - regenerating eye cream -
Stop cracking up - lip balm -
No old bags allowed - eye gel -
Supercalfree licktasticexit halitosis - sour apple mints -
None of your foul moth - cinnamon mints - (really, do I give the impression of someone with bad oral hygiene?! LOL)
Help the paw - hand cream -
Not another rough day, please - body moisturizer -

Isn't that a hell of a nice amount? Of course, as these items arrived this morning I can't do a full review now, however, I did try some products because...well, my screen name says it all: I'm an Alice in a new wonderland, therefore "curiouser and curiouser".
The products I tried were the Not another rough day, please body moisturizer (the package came in right after I took a shower...what a coincidence!) and I liked it a lot. I have very dry legs, and I still can feel them very smooth...and it's been hours since I've applied it!
I also tried the Help the pow hand cream, and I am still undecided whether I like its smell or not. One second I do, the following second I don't. Regardless, it does its job...My hands felt pretty smooth!
The Stop cracking up lip balm...I loved the strawberry smell, but it does not stands out as an exceptional product to me. I still think my Labello lasts way longer.

Want to know what stood out as exceptional?: the eye cream and the eye gel are unbelievable! I'm not that much of a "bag" person, however my eyes were a little tired this morning and I had dark circles (not bad ones, but still...) I tried Eye cream, you scream, we all scream for eye cream and it worked straightaway! I was so impressed with it...suddenly it was like I had never watched tv, never spent hours in front of a computer screen, or read for the past 5 years.

Well, I cannot give you full reviews now, because I think I have to give the products a few more rounds (and also try the other ones I have been sent), but I wanted to share some "spoilers".

Overall, I think you should at least visit their site: www.anatomicals.net, to get a hint of the brand and the products and "come prepared" for when I'll be fully reviewing them.
You'll probably think a couple of things do not make sense at all when you read them...those guys are just too funny (in a smart way, I must say...)! Even the products have this "retrò" packaging, quirky names and explanations...I love it! I think it's genious!

Stay tuned for the full reviews, and have fun reading the site!



  1. How do you get sent such nice things? xxx

  2. oooh that sounds good!! :) Where do you leave your email adress haha?! xxxxxx

  3. Cool!

    I hope the package from me arrives soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!