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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beach bum

Hello lovelies,
just a quick, non-makeup post to show you were I was today with my lovely boyfriend:This place is called "Spiaggia Bianca", which literally means "White Beach".
This is actually a tiny beach, detached from the main beach of Spiaggia Bianca.
We went there because there are just too many tourists here in this time of the year. It is lovely, the water is cristal clear, the water temperature was wonderful (especially compared to the 37°C outside the water)...and I have finally got a tan! My reddish cheeks are going to turn to a golden glow by tomorrow or the day after, yay!!!

And...meet the person who put a spell on my heart: Domenico
I love him.

xoxo y'all,

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  1. Aww... wished, we had a beach here in Austria too, hehe... you look so cute!