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Monday, August 3, 2009

August make-up shopping

How many posts I've posted today? eheh...don't worry, I'm soon off to the beach :)
Just wanted to share some makeup love with you, showing the things I've bought this morning when I shopped for the prizes for my giveaway...
So I got...the Johnson's cleansing wipes 3 in 1. The best wipes ever! I've tried several, but these are the best so far. You don't need to spend big money on wipes, these are wonderful! They clean all the makeup off of your face, but also moisturize it! That's right, you heard it... it is true! They give you this wonderful clean and fresh sensation, leave your skin soft and I think they unclog your pores too! I don't know, I just feel awesome when I use them!

Then I've got a Debby (it's actually a girls' range from Deborah) nail polish in 26, which is a very cute deep red, and a Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in a lovely rose-nude color called "Rose Libertine" (more appropriate for the summer)...The Debby polish only cost me €2,50 , and it is a pretty good product for that price!

The most expensive thing I've got is the Shiseido cream (or gel if you want) liner. It costs more then 26€, good lord, it better be good! I really wanted to try out a cream liner, they're not so popular in this country.
I'm gonna review it as soon as I get the chance to try it, and maybe also the hang of how to apply it properly. It comes with a very very pretty and awesome mini angled brush, which has a cap - so at least I know the quality of the product is top notch (of course, it's Shiseido). Now it's only up to me to learn how to apply it.

So anyways, I'm off to eat lunch and get ready to go to the beach.
That's enough posting for today, but please comment me, comment my looks, and enter the giveaway, the prizes are amazing!!!

Have a jolly good day you all,


  1. Hi Lyd! I was surprised at the quality of the Debby nail polishes, mine has lasted a long time despite the sand/sea...definitely a good buy!
    Anna x
    PS: I've decided not to enter your giveaway, it wouldn't be fair really...better give a non-Italian a chance to win some Italian makeup!

  2. Hey Anna,
    so you're back in Sardinia, huh?
    I'm in Olbia now...if ever you want to meet up, just leave me a...comment!eheh...
    Also, if you want to give it a try, there is a Fabrizio De Andrè exhibition at the Man contemporary Art Museum in Nuoro. I'm going there on Friday morning (I love art, actually...and my bf loves De Andrè, so it's a fair exchange ahah). From there you can go to Orosei and visit the beaches there. That's what I'll do, I've been told they're amazing places...