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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Question of the day

I am curious to know more about my followers, and to share opinions with you on certain topics.
Hence this post, and many other posts to follow on regular basis.

Today's question is:
When did you start wearing makeup, why, what do you feel when you were make up?

I know, that's three questions in one...eheh...

As for me, I started wearing makeup when I was 14 (you know, occasional eyeshadows, or an eyeliner pencil kind of things), although I have always been fascinated by blending those pretty colors (my father used to be a very good painter, I guess it's in my DNA). I will post pictures that testimony my love for makeup at the age of 3, sooner or later :)

I mainly started for two reasons: I was fascinated by the world of beauty products, and I was very unconfident with my physical aspect.

Now I feel more confident about it, but I still adore wearing colors on my face, not to change my features, but to enhance my "beauty" (or whatever that is), and to express the way I feel inside. The last reason must be dictated by the "failed painter" in me. :)

So, I really want to know about your experiences...

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  1. In my case, I started wearing makeup regularly 4 years ago at university (that was when I was 21). But as a teenager, I already used eyeliner and mascara.

  2. i started at 15, but it was only black eyeliner. i got into the other stuff much later, at 20 i think. my friends were wearing t, and i got interested too. then i found out i really liked it

  3. I started wearing make up when I was 12. My inspiration for wearing make up was seeing Kylie Minogue in her 'Better The Devil You Know' video wearing black winged eyeliner.

    I asked my Mum for a black khol pencil and I started wearing winged eyeliner in the same way she did. I had one lipstick that I wore which was a berry shade and one blusher. I wore my make up like that in the same way until I was around 19 and then I started to wear eye colours etc.

    It has only been in the last few years though really that I've literally become obsessed with make up. It's like I ignored it all before then. You could literally fit all my make up into one small bag but now I've got drawers full of it! lol

    I love wearing make up and feel naked without it. It gives me a confidence boost and makes me feel a bit more glam than I would do without it. Overall though it makes me happy! :) x

  4. Makeup to me during university was basically lipstick/lipgloss. Then a 4-year break, totally nothing, as I was too busy to take care of myself (big mistake). I just got into eye pigments last summer, inspired by a friend, and then a whole big world of blogs and youtube.
    I feel confident and proud being able to put makeup on, to be honest. It might not be perfect, but it's all me

  5. Oh thank you for sharing your stories. I had a break from makeup too, in my teenage years. During that phase I would only wear makeup every now and then when I went out.
    But I've generally always been obsessed.

    And yes, it is true. It's amazing how make up can give you confidence with your looks... I love it!

  6. I started wearing makeup as a teenager mainly to cover up spots and irritations. I never put much effort in applying makeup though. so I usually would put on a foundation and some mascara when I was in school. but I never cared for the ingredients or if the color would actually match my skin tone. I gradually tried to find out what was good for my skin and what wasn't. I never wore much eyeshadow or even lipstick. then in 1997 I discovered Mary Kay Cosmetics but only tried their skin care and forgot about it again. when I got married in 2001 I re-discovered it and purchased a whole makeup-kit to do my wedding makeup (yup, I did it myself and wish I had not). shortly after my wedding I became a Mary Kay consultant myself and did this for about five years. I must admit that I never really experimented with colors even during that time so I always wore the same look when I held a demonstration of the products. I then quit doing Mary Kay. my makeup routine went back to basic again. last year I came across a beauty forum on the internet and started using makeup again. but I am so not good at it. I am scare of bold colors because of my fair skin and reddish hair. I never really know what colors to wear makeup-wise. so I am still in the process of discovering the world of beauty even at this age (I know most of the ladies here are a lot younger than I am).

  7. thank you for your comment on my blog, huney! I just did a tag about the colors you've mentioned.

  8. My middle school (and my parents) didn't allow makeup so as soon as I entered highschool at 14 I was wearing makeup. I felt more "grown up" in makeup lol! Now I try not to wear makeup unless if I'm going out :)

  9. ahah that's pretty reasonable, I guess. Not allowing little kids to go around looking like mini-bimbos here and there. Cos we all know, the fascination we have when we're too young can lead to terrible, terrible, choice of color and blending....... eheeh