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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lumiere Cosmetics: sneak peek

Hello lovelies,

a little parcel I found in my mailbox this morning really made my day (a day that was otherwise bad!). Why? Because it contained some little cute samples of Lumiere Cosmetics products the lovely Sarah sent me from America!
I am going to review the products soon, but for now, enjoy the pictures and the swatches!

The first picture was taken with flash, the second one without it.

On the first row there are three samples of mineral Cashmere Foundation in Medium Deep Beige, Medium Deep Warm, and Medium Deep Golden ...I guess I have one sample to test every season now...for when my tan peels off, I will have to wear the warm and the beige.

On the center there's a Blushing Bronzer sample in Indian Red, which is LOVELY, and a mini-mini-lipgloss in Oh Baby! (nice name!).

Now, at the bottom there are two samples of Eye Pigments Champagne and Foliage.

and here are the swatches of the eye pigments and the blushing bronzer:

I still have to try them on my face, but so far I can tell that the eye pigments and the blush are lovely!!!

Can't wait to play with them :D

xoxo for now,


  1. they look lovely!! cant wait to see face shots x

  2. oh nice can't wait for some reviews xx

  3. They'll come soon. I tried the darkest shade of the foundation (I'm very tanned now) and the blush..and so far, so good. I'll do a full review in the next couple of days!